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Consultation today :-)

It's finally feeling real. Today was our consultation... our consultant was lovely and explained the whole process and answered all our questions. We had our test results back and hubby's results were better than expected :-). We both feel real positive about it all. .... but I can't help thinking I need to not get my hopes up too much. ... how do you cope with these conflicting thoughts? X

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Hello. So glad to hear consultant is lovely. The best advice I can give is literally take a day at a time. And also the very important thing to remember, that if for whatever Reason your treatment doesn't work. It's never ever your fault. I was told that the embryos can look top quality on day five when mine got transferred and then when it didn't work I blamed myself. But actually they may look fab at that stage but for some reason they never got past that. Now I'm not saying that will happen with you at all. I'm just saying please don't blame yourself if it doesn't work. One last thing. Never give up hope. I had three years of icsi treatment one ended in misscarriage, the rest never worked. But I am now almost thirteen weeks pregnant naturally, which we were told could never happen. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Xxx



Glad to hear you're feeling positive about starting treatment. I agree with Piglet that you should take it one day at a time, focus on what you're doing that day, and don't think too far ahead as that's when you start to worry and you can't control the future.

I tried to stay positive too but I know it's not always easy! I used to tell myself two things:

1. There's nothing to suggest it won't/hasn't worked; and

2. Being negative won't make the pain any easier if it doesn't work out so I might as well enjoy feeling positive now!

Good luck! x


Congratulations on starting your journey together. I'm no means a expert but from my limited experience I would agree with Piglet123 and Hopeful1982 about taking each day as it comes and try not to focus too far down the line. In my first round I didn't really know what to expect and how I would feel with all the drugs. I think I underestimated how many hurdles you face at each stage of the process as I was so focused on the end result.

One way I have found that helps with the uncertainty, the ups and the downs is to learn as much as I can about what is happening at each stage and why. This forum is great for sharing and learning from each other and also supporting each other through the tough times.

Do you know when you will begin your treatment?

I wish you guys all the best and really hope it works for you xx

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Thanks for the really helpful advice all of you. It's such a whirlwind of emotions and a barrage of information, I'm so grateful for this forum to be able to talk with other people who understand and are going through the same or similar experiences. I have PCOS and am AMH levels were around 70 instead of 6-24 so am told the drugs I was going to take are now to be changed to help avoid HSS. I'mean already taking metformin and will carry on with that but soon have to take the pill (which seems crazy but it is apparently to take control of my periods) and then I'm going on gonal F injections as down regs and cetrotide injections to stimulate. All being well EC will be at the end of Feb, which seems so close! Does anyone have any advice on what to eat/do to help with EC or transfer? Thanks Xx


Hi I'm glad you've had a positive time seeing your consultant as having a consultant that you are comfortable with and confident with is a must.

For me I'm pretty bad at handling the waiting game and the uncertainty of it all so I control it by researching diet / supplements / exercise / lifestyle. I've been told before I start my clinic in 2 weeks time to eat lots of Avocados and salmon no caffeine, alcohol or smoking and to do yoga as a bare minimum. On top of that I take Ubliquinol, Omega 3, royal Jelly & a prenatal. Hubby is also on Ubliquinol & Omega 3 as I read a study that said Ubliquinol increased a mans sample by 85% in 6 months.

I cant say if any of this will work as its the first try while taking them, but I feel more in control and that i'm giving myself the best chance.

Best of luck to you both x

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That sounds sensible poochi. I'm the same with waiting. ... I'm not very patient and need to know I'm doing as much as I can be to help things in order to relax!

My hubs sample went from 4 million 2 months ago to 26 million this week. He stopped protein powder he took for the gym, upped his vitamins and eats the same nutritional diet as me (just lots of veg and protein) and we've both cut down sugar completely, no caffeine or alcohol etc. We were amazed. Our consultant said it can fluctuate naturally a lot but this was probably due mainly to the stopping the protein powder! I'm amazed. I've been doing acupuncture and eating fertility granola (homemade) (recipe online by zita west) for breakfast. .. and very little exercise other than walking most days. Do you know why y

you have to do minimum yoga? Xx


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