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Do we finally get to see our conduits tvyesyurdayvwith all our results. We are scheduled to start IVF ICSI in November, our next meeting will be with the nurse to discuss various treatments ( injections etc), all results came back fine for me and the wife.

It's a while if yet but....Considering her age (39), they had suggested that depending on embrois, they would the "reccomend " with placing 2 back. I totally understand the logic in that, however we do have concerns regarding the risks involved. Has anyone rise been through this.

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  • Hi Sanj - Great news that you'll be starting treatment soon! I'm 31 and on our transfer day we were given the option to put two embryos back in, we were over the moon as it does increase your chances. It has to be a personal choice but for us we would always choose 2.

    Have a talk with your clinic regarding your concerns and, if they offer counselling, I would recommend making an appointment there too in order to address your concerns. Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment whatever you decide x

  • Thank you so much. Our clinic would offer that. Like you say, it us s personal choice a d urs a hard hard one to call. Are you london based?

  • We are in the north east :) For us we knew we wanted a family, we talked over the risks of carrying two babies as well as the financial implications etc but for us it would always have been manageable if we'd ended up with two. Sadly it wasn't our time but I would choose the same again in a heartbeat but I completely understand why some people would have hesitations. I hope you get your answer, whatever it is I'm sure it will be the right one x

  • As I say on our meeting yesterday they said that they would always advise on 2 transfers coz of my wife's age. We too are so ready for a family now, and although at this stage they cant check the quality of her eggs but what they did Do is check if any are "active"... They said she had plenty.

    May ask if your going private ur NHS, fur us, as we are going in tally through NHS, they've days that if it didn't work out first tome, they would do the same process before she turns 30,

    So ultimately alot of choices to make, but for me personally, it would be heart breaking if one or neither made it :( and I'm wonder wether that's a risk worth taking as there are no ganrentee's even with one transfer.

  • We are NHS and we're very lucky as we get 3 attempts so we start our treatment again in January. If you have more than one attempt and you feel that time is on your side you could try one for the first go and then try two on the second. It would be easier if they made the decision for us wouldn't it! I think if it gives you the best chance of success I would go for it, the risk of it not working is always going to be there but with two the hope you'll have you may relax a little more through the process and the 2ww which I think does help x

  • Thank you kindly for swift response. Unfortunately Di to her age, we would only get two attempts at it as I'm sure there would have to be recovery time Inbetween cycles. It certainly would help if we had time on our side. So considering your starting again on January, how long had you been "recovering"'for from the first cycle?

  • The physical recovery is a couple of weeks after withdrawal of meds/hormones etc, mostly you're waiting for swelling to go down but it's nothing too physically taxing. If things don't go to plan it can be very distressing at the time. Whether the treatment results in a negative test or a miscarriage there is a grieving process to go through. Many women bounce back quickly from a negative test, though initially the heartbreak is intense. Like with everything, time is a great healer which is why our NHS clinic say you have to wait 6 months to start again. Make sure you keep in touch with your clinic and if you can speak to the counsellor it will give you a sounding board with your wife to get things off your chest so you're not carrying as much emotional baggage around with you. Obviously this site is a great place to do this too x

  • I can not thank you enough fur all the advise. Please keep in touch. I'm happy to give you my details if your PM me

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