Feeling optimistic about tomorrow :) HCG 1400

Hi ladies, I just thought I would give a little update. I am now on meds for a UTI and boy do I feel better! No more going for a wee every 5 mins, I just thought it was the pregnancy making me do that! The hospital called and said I have a hcg of 1400 at 21 days post 5 day transfer (4weeks 3 days pregnant) so am hoping that is good? Am actually really looking forward to having bloods checked again tomorrow to check levels and a scan too. Still got tummy ache but not as bad today. Am loving seeing more BFPs and scan news its just lovely. Keep it up ladies your time will come xxxx

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  • Glad you are starting to feel better hun - hopefully all will be good tomorrow too xxxx

  • Lovely news. Keep up the good work xx

  • Glad your feeling better and getting the right treatment. Stay strong xxx

  • Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery and those hCG levels sound fantastic!! Woo hoo!xx

  • Hi everyone, its good news I had blood test and hcg has more than doubled at 2990. I didn't get a scan today but will be going back later in the week. Am feeling a lot more reassured and hoping all is well :) xxx

  • Fabby news! How exciting!xx

  • Great news xx

  • lovely ❀

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