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Failed ivf

Hi, this is my first post as im new to group.

I have just done my first circle of ivf. Lots of ups and downs but basically I had 9 eggs removed and only 1 fertilized. They said they would do embryo transfer on day 3. That's today and this morning they rang to cancel as cell growth had rapidly slowed.

I'm devastated, I have tried to prepare myself for the worse but at least thought i would get to a transfer.

Also as only 1 egg will have to start again with injections, scared in case next time is the same. Has anyone had a similar experience?

I just don't understand what went wrong.

I've been having accupunture for 3/4 months too

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Sorry to read this... it's horrible and I think I know how you might feel... Have a read of my old posts. Had 9 eggs with none to transfer and now pregnant after second cycle with 7 high quality blasts in the freezer. Don't despair, next time can be so different! Thinking of you


Thank you for your reply, it's just exhausting isn't it. Fab news for you, congratulations.

Hopefully my next time will be more positive.

How long do you wait in between cycles?

I was also on bemfola so maybe they will change my drugs too.


Yeah I changed from long to short protocol. Had two periods break, so about 6 weeks between egg retrieval and starting short protocol hormones. Good luck!

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I've been from same situation, though I still got one good quality embryo to transfer but after 2ww came out negative.

Don't loose hopes, in particular if you have one more free nhs cycle?

Good luck!

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I've been there too lovely....read "it's starts with a egg". Brilliant book good luck xx

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