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Drugs arrived question about storage

Morning everyone, hope everyone is all ok,

Just had my drugs arrive it says on the box please remove immediately from the delivery packaging and store them in the fridge,

Does this include the pessaries?

I'm sure my nurse said just out everything in the fridge,

Also once I took out the box I've put it into a bag is this ok as I often have guest over that like to go in my fridge and I don't want them to see it,

But when I couldn't find my needles I opened up the box of Menopur and they was in there, put on the plastic bag they was in it says to remove travel packaging

So are they meant to just be in there boxes lose in the fridge rather than in travel bag and now also a Sainsbury's bag,

It doesnt clearly state anywhere :-(

If anyone can help be most grateful


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Hi, I put my menopur and pregnyl in the fridge. I just put the menopur box in complete with needles! Everything else either went in the bag provided or cupboard until I needed it. Hope that helps and wishing you lots of luck on your journey ahead xx


Thanks, I've got it all in there

I'm on menopur


And gonasi

Utrogestan vag pessaries

I'm just worried I'll cock it up

As I've put it all in the fridge but

say it all come in the refrigerator box, I'm not using it till 18th so more worried,

I was going to call the clinic but it's emergency only today, xx


Should be fine to put it all in the fridge - no need to put the needles in there and if it's in a bag that should be fine but worth checking with your clinic to be sure when you can x

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I just had to put my trigger injection in the fridge. It's should have instructions inside each box at what temp to keep things at x

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Thanks for both your replys it just says on the box remove from travel packaging and store in fridge immediately, I'll ring Clinic on Monday see what they say, but I swear she said that I can keep it all in there and say it all ready been in the fridge prior to me.

Nothing is ever straight forward with ivf is it :( xx

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Hi Leesalou, is there a phone number on the delivery slip? You should be able to call the meds company if you don't want to wait until Monday for the clinic x


Make sure your fridge is at the correct temp


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