It's arrived

It's arrived

The box of drugs arrived this morning. On my profile is the reaction I had to the last time the box arrived for our cycle in July.

The sense of it being real. Being excited. Being scared. Trying to work out what was a good room for temperature and what wasn't before promptly putting it all in the fridge.

This time I only checked it once. This time there wasn't a lonely tear. I felt like a machine checking, counting, repacking and putting to one side.

This box marks another stage for me. It represents the beginning of a journey I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd make. This box represents how proud I am of me. How proud we all should be for being brave and facing challenges like this - sometimes more than once.

This box definitely contains a sharp bin that I repeatedly think looks like a Duplo house.

I'm ready. I am. I'm scared. I'm not.*

*maybe a bit.

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  • Hi emu2016. Oh my goodness me! It is all so daunting and so real! Still, it is here now, and a wonderful chance to have the family you so yearn for. Obviously I do hope that the cycle runs as smoothly as it can for you, and of course for success this time. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you - and your little "Duplo" house! Diane

  • Thanks Diane. Still a couple of weeks until injections. Good job because it's totally different this time! It would be amazing if all the little bottles were the same this time! Fingers crossed! x

  • Hi emu2016. If you had problems with injecting before, try and melt an ice cube on the spot before injecting - helps to numb the area. I suppose at least you have a couple of weeks to suss it all out! Good luck! Diane

  • When do you start ?

    It's Changed from my last time I had a tiny boring yellow bin lol.

    Good luck with your cycle xx

  • Early April. About 2 and half weeks away... I had two bins last time. And I didn't have to pay! ;-) x

  • I had private late time so had to pay for all my meds,

    My 2nd cycle which I'm hoping to start April too, is NHS funding, if you don't mind me asking do you have to pay for the drugs required like a prescription fee or is it more or it is free? I don't mind either way just wondering as all different from private, xx

  • This is a private funded cycle... I pay for all my scans and meds etc. Feel free to ask questions! xx

  • I had that the first cycle private and paid for it all, the meds was expensive ,

    it's the NHS funded one I wanted to know about the meds as I've been luckily funded this time through NHS xx

  • Sorry! Nope... all free! Didn't spend a penny! xx

  • Except for parking at the hospital that nearly bankrupted us! ;-) x

  • I've just read your post from last time, you write so beautifully, I could almost picture you and your husband sat there working through the box together! Glad to hear that this time you're feeling proud of yourself, and so you should be.

    Looking forward to following your journey, particularly given it looks like we'll be starting so close to each other. Now hoping I get a duplo house too!!

  • Awww thank you MrsB76. I love your name. I'm a MrsB and my hubby was born 76! Cycle buddies! :) xx

  • Good luck.... seeing that picture makes me wonder how I will feel when it comes round to our turn! It's so scarey yet exciting. I am inspired by so many stories on here. I wish you all the best luck and baby dust and looking forward to hearing your positive result xxxxxx

  • Thank you Rainbow! It's an odd feeling. And that's the first time someone's wished me baby dust in a while - feels lovely too! xx

  • Aww well I am glad it made you feel lovely, here's some more baby dust just to make sure πŸ˜‰! It must be very overwhelming, but you can do this!! Xxxxxx

  • That massive box πŸ™ˆIt's a little daunting isn't it?! Good luck for your treatment lovely xxx

  • It's smaller than last time too! x

  • You should be proud of yourself Hun. Sounds like you have a good frame of mind and positive attitude. Hope this is your time xxx

  • Thanks lovely! How's you? x

  • Good luck mine are arriving next week yikes x

  • Yey! x

  • Im absolutely terrified after seeeing this image of drugs. Im waiting to have ivf. Just so scared and i havent even started yet dont k ow how im gona cope honestly. If im likethis by just looking at the drugs i really dont know how it will be when i actually start using them. Your bery brave cookie.xxz

  • You'll cope. You're made of strong stuff! Your partner is there... and on your first go you take in needles and drugs and the nurses go through everything with you! You're not alone :) keep reminding yourself why you're doing it. Have you considered meditation? X

  • Hey thanks for the encouragement. No i habe npt thought about meditation but its something i can look into. Thanks for the

  • Best of luck this cycle sweetie xxx

  • Thank you. Fingers crossed that this route is more successful. How's you doing? xx

  • Looks like I'm going back in may to have our lonesome last Frostie transferred.can only hope & pray this ones got what it takes xxx

  • Fingers crossed! 🀞🏻 Just keep those toes crossed too. xx

  • I had all my drugs delivered yesterday too. What a shock - first timer over here 😏 Made me freak out looking at it all. So I took myself outside for a few minutes, came back and unpacked it all. Put the ones in the fridges and stored the others away. Once I'd calmed down I was gazing at them with absolute amazement thinking wow all of this lot could actually end up giving me my dream- of being a mum! How amazing would that be!!😍 Here's to the next few weeks. Best of luck to you too xoxox

  • Awww. Your reply made me think of my first time receiving. It is daunting. But you'll soon settle in. I'll bet you sneak in a few more times to look at them again and again! Good luck! xx

  • Very daunting but so exciting too! I can't wait to get this journey actually started 😊 I have already had another sneak this morning! Haha. When do you start? I've still got another few weeks to wait yet 😀 xx

  • About 6 April. 5 weeks of injecting! πŸ™„ you? x

  • Oh wow! I've got to wait for a scan appointent to come through still but have the 26th April as my start date at the moment 😊 xx

  • Excellent. Well you stay in touch! I'm sure you'll come across others starting at the same time as you. But happy to answer any questions and listen to worries in the meantime! x

  • Thanks very much! So sweet 😊 Fingers crossed everything goes amazingly for you ❀ xox

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