Down reg are cramps common?

So I'm 3 days into down reg and more than over a week away from expecting AF but I'm getting like a cramping feeling and some twinges on my left side (which is where I have a restricted Fallopian tube i think it twinges when anything is happening in that region).

I normally get this feeling 2/3 days before AF - anyone else felt like this? It's a bit late for ovulation when I can also get a similar pain.

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  • Yes I've had a bit of cramping too. I'm going to mention it at my appointment tomorrow. x

  • I'm not in next until 28th June to check I've down regged and shed (for want of a better term) lemme know what they say.

  • Will do. x

  • Thank you they're still happening now in fact slightly more than I'd get pre AF

  • Hi RachG15. Yes, this is common when down regulating, and unfortunately it can bring on a slightly more painful period. Seems as if it's not far off, so hopefully you will feel better once it starts. Good luck with it all. Diane

  • Thanks Diane very helpful, AF is due Thursday normally I don't have any pain during a period only one day is heavy the rest very mild and just some twinges on my left where my damaged tube is.

    However 2 days before I always get the worst anger in me in the world but only since being off the pill - I'm like the hulk I can feel it creeping up now its like another person tries to take over me for 2 days...

  • Hi RachG15. All down to the drug working on your pituitary gland in your brain. It can make the most lovely of us into complete nightmares! Stick with it, as it shouldn't be for too much longer. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I had worse cramps when I took the nasal spray too so you're not alone! My period also didnt come when it was expected either!xx

  • I'm usually spot on 9am on the day its expected - I'll expect a delay this time then x

    I'm away next week with work so that should be fun having a period from hell while abroad and working LOL

  • Hopefully wont be too bad!xx

  • If you can, I'd really recommend using pads rather than tampons as I find it helps with the cramping and also the flow seems to finish a bit more quickly. I spoke to the nurse at my appointment today and she said my symptoms from the Burselin should get better now I'm starting to stimulate. Hold on in there. I genuinely felt so negative and poorly last week that I felt like I'd rather not wake up at all. πŸ™ But I feel much more normal this week thank goodness. xxx

  • Touch wood I feel overall ok but I must admit when I first sniff it i get a hot headed and a mini rush - l told my hubby it reminded me of when I tried poppers years and years ago πŸ˜‚ but no where near so intense as that lol

  • That's good. I was just thinking this morning about how cheerful I am feeling which shows how terrible it was last week. Let's hope it continues. I'm a real square and never tried anything like that so have nothing to compare it to. My mum did a good job on me of terrifying me that I will definitely die if I do anything remotely naughty. πŸ˜‚ x

  • Haha you used to be able to buy poppers in the shop lol i think you might still be able to - I don't think it was any more naughty than fags or alcohol bless ya lol

    But I'm like you other stuff I'd never try cause I have allergies penicillin being a terrible one so these IVF drugs bother me even.

  • I didn't try smoking either. Like I said, I was a proper square. πŸ˜‚

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