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How to work out due date

So great to read so many positive recently and wishing all you lovely ladies waiting for your bfps lots of luck.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to work out due dates. I know the "normal" way counts from last period but is it different with ivf?

I had a FET with a five day old blastocyst. And there is a weeks difference when I use an ivf calculator on google and if I count from my last period??? Confused is the word. 🤔🤔


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Use the ivf calculator xx


Yes the ivf calculator counts back 14 days from EC I think. This is probably why there is a difference. Remember your period was probably a result of down regging so it's not part of a "true" cycle. xxx

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Thanks ladies. I had a natural cycle with this FET and had transplant 13/6, but my natural period was a week late compared to normal. So the calculator says 5 weeks and 5 days?? Xx

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