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I'm out. Chemical pregnancy


Having posted last Thursday that we got a BFP but hCG was only 42, I'm due back at clinic tomorrow for a repeat blood test, however having spotted last 2 days my period started this morning and is now full flow. We are devastated. I will still have to make the trip for the blood test but just want to draw a line under the whole thing now. 3 IVF attempts- 2 BFPs (miscarriages) and 1 chemical is just devastating.

I've made some lovely friends on here over the years but particularly this cycle. Your support has been phenomenal and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I just want to run away. We just want a family why is that so hard to achieve? Taking some time away to be normal for a while before we decide what (if anything) we do next.

Much love to you all xxx

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So sorry to hear your sad news xx hugs xxx

Oh Hun, I'm so so sorry to hear this, you must be devastated, sending you much love x x x

So sorry to hear your news. How devastating for you. Sending love and hugs. x

So sorry to hear this ☹️ Take care! Thinking of you at this difficult time 😘 Xxx

I was so hoping...

What a very sad weekend and such a heart breaking experience. I am so sorry for you both.

I hope the pain lessens in time. Sending much love xx


I am so so sorry to read this WeeMrsH, I was following your story (sorry I only rejoined recently).

Take a bit of time to recover and have a think. Have you considered changing clinic. I don't know whether thats an option but you don't need to think of options now - just take time for you and your husband.

Here if you need. Take care of yourself xx


So sorry to hear this, sending u hugs . Take care of yourselfs xx


So sorry to hear this, had everything crossed that it would turn around for you. Look after yourselves xxx

So so sorry WeMrsH, I really hoped it was your time. Life is so cruel to some lovely people. I hope the break helps and you are able to get your heads together and enjoy some time off this rollercoaster before making a future plan, whatever that may be. Lots of love to you 😘 Xx


Take good care xx

So sorry to hear this! Take some 'you' time and find that smile! Take care x

So sorry to hear your devastating news. Sending love and hugs ❤️❤️ Xxx

So sorry to hear this life can just be rotten. Take care of yourself xx

Big big hugs to you both xx

Ah I'm so sorry to read this, life can be very cruel, and there isn't much I can say that will make this any better, but take care of yourself as this most horrible time xx


So sorry to hear this. I know we messaged a few times on my first 2 attempts. I'm building up mentally to round number 5.

Good luck for the future. Thinking of you x

I'm so sorry. It just isn't fair. It shouldn't be this hard. Thinking of you.

So sad to read your news. Thinking of you. 😘


So sorry , it's so unfair, try and enjoy the summer and good luck with what ever you both decide xxxx

Really sorry to be reading this. Look after each other xx

I'm so very sad to read this. I feel like I've lived this cycle with you in some way. Biggest of love. Hugest of hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh MrsH I'm so sorry. Totally understand about the time away, I really hope you and your hubby can come back fighting, you so deserve this. Have your clinic spoken to you about uterine NK Cells testing? That's the next steps for us I think after similar experiences to you xxxx


Oh my darling, I'm so so sorry I really hoped that this was your time. Thinking of you both sweetie xxxx

Very sorry for this hobey its so hard once u get a positive and then to be taken away how heart breaking. Im so sorry.xxx

So sorry. Much love to you too xx


So sad to hear your news, lots of courage for the future, whatever you decide and it will bring xoxo

I'm so sorry WeeMrsH!! What a gut wrenching weekend you've had!! It's so heart breaking going through all if this! Take the time that you both need to heal and then see where you think you're going! Big hugs and love to you both!xx

So so sorry. Big love and hugs to you as you take some time out xxx

So sad for you... Sending loads of love and hugs.. 💋 xxxxxxxx

WeeMrsH I felt so sad for you reading this post and know the pain, despair and upset you are feeling. I've not been on here too much recently so have just read what's been happening to you in the last few weeks and wanted to say how sorry for you I was.

Take time away, we all do it and some point, and focus on only yourself and your other half, any other stresses or people worries are the last thing you need right now.

As much as your grieving please remember there's always some type of plan B or even a plan C. That's what always help me cope, even if just a plan in my head it gives me focus and strength to carry on.

Thinking of you and hope you'll be fully recharged with a new plan of action soon. Take care xx

Aww WeeMrsH 😢 I'm so very sorry to read this. I was hoping and praying for good news for you. Life can be so cruel. Sending you both lots of hugs. Xxx ❤

So sorry to hear this, could really do with some good news on here. Take care of yourself x

I'm so sorry hun :( it's just not fair. Be kind to yourself and have some time out xxc

My heart aches for you. Much love xx

Absolutely gutted to read this for you.... I am so sorry my words can't help but I hope you find the strength from somewhere to get through this annd carry on xxxxxx

I'm so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you at a very difficult time. Take care of yourself & try to enjoy a bit of 'normality' for a while xxx

So sorry to read this x

So so sorry to hear your news sending big love and hugs your way xxx

Really gutted for you love, it's a very cruel game all this isn't it. My heart goes out to you 😘

so sorry to hear your bad news . . .take the time you need and then you can decide when you have a clear head x

I'm so sorry for that...Nothing can make you feel better now I guess. I wish I could support you somehow and make your life brighter. I'd recommend you to have a good old cry after your blood test is done. Don't hide your feelings, it's okay to grief. I hope this nigtmare won't last forever for you. I feel for you but hoping for the best. xoxoxo

I'm so so sorry my dear that u e to go through all this . Sending u lots of love ❤️

Much love to you mrs h, devastating 💔 Thinking of you, I don't no how it's so hard, life is not fair 😘😘

Have you done karyotyping to check out aneuploidy? Chromosomal aneuploidy is one of the main reasons why mc might happen during the 1st trimester. I am not an expert, but ivf with PGS NGS might work for you. Good luck

Sorry to hear about your story, but remember if the ending isn't good the story isn't over yet, you are still left with many options to bring a child into your home, yes your are right you should really take a break and then plan, with all these failures its important to sit back relax and then go for a head start.

Hi.. feeling sorry for ur loss....my first beta is also low its 30.91 .jst wanted a help ..didi u have cramps before ur period started...


😥 massive hugs to u both. My heart is aching just reading this. This journey is sooo tough. Keep strong talk to your partner and hold each other. Grieve for as long as u need. One day we will both be holding our beautiful little miracles xxx

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This is an old post! Wee Mrs H is currently pregnant again!xx

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I’m now 20 weeks with a donor egg pregnancy x

i'm so sorry..

But remember - you are stronger than you know 👊

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This is an old post - see above reply I am now 20 weeks pregnant x

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