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Weight loss?

Hi all, been on slimming world for about a year and have lost about 1.5 stones. Have been useless for a few months and haven't really lost anything (not really following plan) but then last few weeks been on it completely. I know my own body & should really have lost weight doing this. I've heard the buserilin sprays can make you put on weight which I've been on for about 4 weeks now. I haven't really put on any but haven't lost any either. Does anyone know if weight loss might improve after stopping? EC on Friday but would still like to lose a little to give best chances for transfer day! :)

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I lost weight ready for my first cycle and when I went for EC they told me to expect to of put on weight - I to hadn't put any on but had any lost any either. They said it's all to down to the drugs and since then I've kind of yo yo'd up and down 😔


Hi Lilli79. The whole messing with your hormones will encourage weight gain. Hopefully when this cycle is over, you will be able to get back to losing a bit of weight again, if you need to, so no need to worry. Diane


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