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Struggling weight loss


I'm totally struggling to lose my last 12 lbs of weight in order to have a BMI of 30 for IVF on NHS it's sooo hard and my appt is in 3 weeks now !!! I don't want to be put off any longer . I weighed 15stone and I'm now 13.9 but need to lose another stone still any suggestions welcome !!!

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You've done so well! Keep it up!

Perhaps try reducing your carb intake?! Easier said than done sometimes I appreciate that... Are you following some kind of plan?

Wow that's a huge amount of weight loss..I did 5:2 and that helped or try zita west pregnancy detox I shifted 6lb in a week on that..the food was rank but I felt like I was getting all the right nutrients in me at least for pregnancy..stick lots of post it's everywhere over next few weeks with wee mantras reminders of why you are doing this to spur you on..good luck xxxx

Hey! I had the same problem but I found this diet that people use when wanting to lose wait quick for operations and stuff. Its called the James Duncan diet it's says you could lose a stone in a week. I tried it and lost 10lb.

Well done on your weight lose so far

Hope this helps

:) xx


Thanks everyone it's been a lot of hard work but I feel great having lost this much already !! I'll have to look into the James Duncan diet I've done slimming world and then slim fast for 2 weeks but I seem to have staid the same last month so I'll look up that diet and see if it can help me any thanks again xx

I lost 4 stone on slimming world. No quick fix bit I found it really easy to follow the plan, eat normally and still lose.

Hopefully if they see your progress and that you aren't that far off target they will allow a few extra pounds.

Well done on the loss so far x


I got a Fitbit for Christmas really helped me get out and exercise more and you can add friends and challenge each other. I just do loads of walking (my poor dog ha ha) x

from one fellow slimmer to another, well done on what you've achieved so far. I was just under 15 stone in Aug last year and managed to lose 2.5 stone on slimming world. I did SP quite a bit and just packed in as much speed food as I could. Don't not have syns though. I fell into that trap thinking I'd lose weight quicker. It didn't work! Good luck xx

Well done for all you've lost so far xx

Well done on your great loss so far and wanted to wish you luck ahead.. Hope you get to where you need to be for treatment and all goes well. Xxx

Try swimming and a good healthy diet I lost five stone swimming five days a week give it a go xx

Hey lovely,

Massive well done on your weight loss so far, you've done an amazing job.

When I started the ivf process I was just over the 30 bmi, I have pcos so it's also a lot harder to loose but I wanted to say I found Charlotte crosbys dvd helped me. It's hard work but you have to stick with it and I've gone from 14.2 and I'm now currently 12.11 I have more I want to loose but along side slimming world I found it worked.

Good luck xxxx

Hello I too struggle with my weight well done on what you have achieved so far. I'm hovering just over the BMI of 30 mark so need to loose a bit more after my current failed cycle. I did Cambridge weight plan originally lost 4 stone it's quick but very restrictive and expensive cheaper version online be is Exante. You just eat 3 ' products a day. Cambridge you get weighed each week and have a consultant Exante you do yourself.

James Deakon diet is also fab I lost 10lb in a week but find when you eat normally after I put on about 3-4lb but still great to get a chunk off.

As I have a few months to get this Weight off I'm starting slimming world Wednesday as in no rush and can eat 'normally' on it.

Good luck in what you choose. If you have 3 weeks you can easily loose the weight you need on Exante(cheaper than Cambridge). The James Deakon you are only meant to do a week then have a break although to shift it for appointment id do 2 weeks! You would be nearly there and you would hope they would see how well you are doing and allow you go ahead or give you another week or so to loose last bit x


Thanks everyone I really appreciate the support and advice I will be sure to keep you all posted on my outcome at the end of the month fingers crossed x

Well done so far!! What an achievement!! Looks like u got lots of great advice so hope u find something that works for u-the last bit is always more difficult to lose but u have a goal in sight so I'm sure u will get there!!good luck xxx

I promise you: slimming world was the best decision I made. Most women I know who join my group lose 6lbs in first week. In 3 weeks you could lose 9lbs or a bit more xx

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