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Ovulation test.. day 14

Does this look like it's getting almost darker :) ? It's an ovulation test got two left now to take which should take me up to ovulation day according do the calendar x

Sorry to be a pain and post again last cycle failed to enforce ovulation x

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Hi romaluna2015. You're not a pain! It does look good, so fingers crossed. Diane


According to the app I use my calendar I am 2 days away from ovulation . But the doctor I seen last said ovulation would be days 13 or 14 had pain yesterday . So wondering if I ovulated early or if it was general pain due to possible cyst still on left ovary x


Hi That's possible, so hope you have had sex in the last couple of days to cover it, if you did ovulate. Fingers crossed. Diane


Thanks dianne . Hopefully it's all starting to work out xx


I do hope so. Diane xx

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