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First cycle first injection done 😀

So after a very stressful week with my period being late from taking norithisterone and only being very light, my scan being delayed and a huge argument with my dh last night we finally had our base scan today and my lining is thin so we did our first injection at the hospital.

I'm on 450mg of merional due to very low amh (3.4). Any advice on What side effects am I expecting?? The nurse at the hospital said I'll probably feel quite well but suspect that may not be the case.

Currently sat at home chilling as my boss told me to go home and rest this afternoon after being an emotional wreck in her office this morning. I even had her crying! I now see what my friend said when she told me it was a rollercoaster of emotions x

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Hi jacs0008. My dear girl, you're on your way at last! Just wanted to send you a big hug and I hope that all goes a bit more smoothly now for you. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane. Just glad to finally start. Thanks for your support this week x




Happy days now, good luck with everything xx

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