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Finally starting first cycle, Anxiety beginning to take over!

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Hi All,

After 3 years TTC we finally have the dates to start our cycle. I have to start the nasal spray on day 21 of this cycle which falls on the 19th Feb. Apparently I will have a period after this and as soon as this starts I have a scan and start the injections. Our consultant was amazing and so helpful and really took the time to explain everything. AND told me to stop worrying about my AMH as other clinics had me panicking it was low.

We have our appointment with the nurses on Tuesday to show me how to do the injections and pick up our prescriptions. What else should we expect to happen with the meeting with the nurses as my anxiety is beginning to take over again? Constantly feeling tired but cant sleep, its like my mind will not shut off thinking about what to expect at next appointments!

Any help or advice on what to expect?

J x

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I think our nurse appointment was teaching me how to do the injections and also filling in all the consent paperwork. It wasn’t anything to be worried about so please try not to panic. They gave me a link to an online video as well, demonstrating the injections so I could refer to it when I was actually doing it for the first time.

I know it’s a really difficult time now with lots going on but once you get started it’ll just feel like one step at a time and I’m sure you’ll take it all in your stride. Good luck x

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jade1003 in reply to kt_11

Thank you for your reassuring words. I feel a little better now knowing it’s nothing to intrusive etc.

Thank you so much xx

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jade1003 in reply to kt_11

Also I’ve just read your story. Me and OH have been through exactly the same process. Low count and motility so starting our first attempt and it’s ICSI. What fantastic news for you x was this your first attempt at ICSI ?

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kt_11 in reply to jade1003

Yes, we were fortunate enough to be successful on our first cycle which I never ever dreamed would happen!😊 Just coming up to 27 weeks pregnant now. x

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jade1003 in reply to kt_11

Congratulations, wish you all the best on your journey xxxxxx

Hi Jade, I am in my first cycle. Our appointment with the nurse literally was a teaching session on the injection and to collect all the needles etc and prescription. They only explain the first step and then you’ll go back again. So there isn’t to much to remember. I didn’t have the nasal spray though. I had Buserelin injection and had a period during it which was a good sign it had done its job. It’s an exciting time and anxiety is normal. I find this site so helpful. It’s hard to remember to ask all questions you want to ask while in the clinic. And I find everyone else’s personal experiences so helpful. I have learnt lots while going along. It is hard to switch off but it is important to try and relax. Good luck x

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jade1003 in reply to gemmy999


Thank you for your advice. I have a list of questions I’ve thought of that I’m going to take with me. I guess it’s just the unknown making the anxiety worse. Thank you for your advice xx

aww, your post put a smile on my face, I am really excited to see how everything goes out for you. Anxiety will pass away trust me and stop worrying about your hormone levels they go up and down for no reason nothing to worry too much about. People still have successful TTC with low AMH levels so do not let that bother you anymore. My advice is that you start caring of your diet from today because all the procedures are extremely tired so you need to be in the best condition possible. Start intermittent fasting along with low carb foods and then start of high carbs ( clean carbs) from 19th and hopefully all will go well.If you can't sleep tries yoga for at least 30 to 50 minutes you will instantly feel uplifted and light. I found it really helpful. Just remember to deal with the whole situation positively as you can because your emotions play a large role in hormone balance in your body to be really mindful of that. Other than that all the best luck. Keep us updated about everything and much love.

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jade1003 in reply to Bekka6767

Thank you for all of your advice xxxx

Hello Jade, just wanted to say good luck for your appointment with the nurse. I’m sure they will be lovely, they all have been in my experience. Also wishing you very best of luck with the cycle as a whole. It is definitely an anxious time. I would recommend some form of relaxation / guided meditation to use daily to help with the anxiety and sleeping. There are mindful ivf apps available and meditations on iTunes to download. Let us know how you get on xx

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jade1003 in reply to Dunla

I will have a look for those apps right now... thank you xxx

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Dunla in reply to jade1003

Hope you find something that helps x

I'm at same stage as you. We're due to start the downregulation stage on 27th Feb. Our drugs arrived on Saturday and we're good to go.

We had an info evening last week where they went over everything. And also our meeting with one of the IVF nurses who went through the med's.

So now we're waiting until 27th to start. Excited!! A little nervous but feeling good.

I'm now focusing on doing nice things to relax and make me happy, keeping healthy but nothing crazy and going to start acupuncture. Off alcohol and caffeine and taking my vitamins.

Good luck! 🍀 Hope it goes well xx

Ps We've also both read a couple of easy to read simple books which have helped get our head round things. A good one is "Test tubes and Testosterone" written from the male point of view. Funny but useful. Was 99p on Amazon as old/used copy. And "IVF a detailed guide: everything I wish I'd known before starting" from Amazon.

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jade1003 in reply to JenRoy

Thank you so much for this, x I’m going to look for these books right now.... good luck starting your cycle please keep in touch with your progress xx

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JenRoy in reply to jade1003

Will do xx

Im in the same boat as you but im a bit ahead.. Ill have my EC tomorrow..

Just take it easy, i know this can be stressful period.. As for me, i took off work since i started my injections.. At least the pressure from work is gone.. Meet up with girly friends, watch movie, spa.. Find some relaxation techniques that at least will ease off your anxiety.. Take one day at a time.. And lots of cuddles from partner..

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jade1003 in reply to VTier


I was wondering about taking some time off work but I didn’t know if I’d feel more anxious just sitting at home x movies and spas etc sound wonderful ! X

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VTier in reply to jade1003

It depends on the kind of job we do actually.. Mine is a bit pressuring and cn be stressful, hence i opted to be off work.. I know, i can get bored at home too and i started to declutter and organise cupboards and cabinets.. Then i realise i have to take it easy.. lol.. Might not help you but just see how your body reacts.. I guess our bodies are hard-working machines these days.. As what i have read, our body’s energy should be focused on our repro system and not on muscular or skeletal this time..

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