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Possible misscarage??

Hi everyone I'm new to this, so my period is 1 week late. I've taken 4 pregnancy tests between yesterday & this morning each confirming that I'm pregnant. I know have cramping pains rite across the middle of my tummy, could this be a sign of a misscarage? I haven't spoken to anyone as of yet, if I'm honest I'm in total shock, wasn't expecting this at all...

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Cramping is very normal in early pregnancy. It can also feel very much like you're about to get your period. Unless the pain is really bad and/or is accompanied by bright red bleeding it's probably quite normal. If you have any concerns though you should contact your gp xx


Hi Natasha, congratulations on your BFP!

I agree with tugs girl, it can be perfectly normal but if it's shown up on four consecutive days contact ur Gp, he may do a blood hcg test also to monitor your levels etc.

Good luck xx


Hi Natashacloete30. Try not to worry, by my reckoning you are about 6 weeks pregnant, so hopefully the cramps are just down to your womb starting to migrate upwards. Keeping everything crossed that I am right. Best to get a proper check and scan. Good luck! Diane


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