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Possible pregnancy

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Hi all, my last cycle was 28th July took my letrozole on days 3-5 and I'm always days 27/28 I'm now 6 days over my cycle with no sign of my cycle at all body feels bit weird and tummy feels little tight and little hard not sure if that means anything as I have never been pregnant before, I'm afraid to test case of disappointment, any advice be appreciated please. Sending every ladie hear loads of baby dust xx

7 Replies
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I know you don’t want the disappointment but i really think you should do a pregnancy test x

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Lexigrace2017 in reply to Nickimidge

Have not clinic in the morning so I'm staying positive till then xx

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I agree with nickimidge that you are best to do a test. Xx

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Agree with the others you should test get the answer one way or another xx

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Yes you need to know fingers X'd for the best news x

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Test it!! We will send you lots of prayers and best wishes!!

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Update : hi all had clinic today had two negative pregnancy tests and told to ring when cycle starts to book in for dye test to have tubes rechecked to see if tube is still open after surgery in April this year if closed I will be started immediately on first round IVF, and also was started on new course letrozole this time days 2-6 of cycle... So patiently waiting on my cycle to start so I can move onto nexted stage of treatment. Doctor says if no sign of period nexted week he do blood test I'm peeing quite alot in last 24hrs and faint lower back pain comes and goes I'm on cycle day 41 today I'm usually 27-28 days 😩

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