ET tomorrow

Feeling nervous for our ET tomorrow afternoon. Our embies were going strong when we spoke to the clinic yesterday. I didn't ask what grades they were but they said 2 fair and the rest good and I was happy with that. They did say it's likely the numbers would go down between yesterday and tomorrow and we didn't have a call today so I'm trying to be positive that we still have some strong ones with ideally one or more to freeze too. It's a nerve-wracking process. Trying to stay calm and positive. Xx

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  • Deep breaths! Get a good night's sleep and I hope it goes wonderfully tomorrow. Best of luck xx

  • All The very best for tomorrow. It is a very nerve racking process. Oh to have a crystal ball! i am 6 days behind you, egg collection from donor due on Thursday.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you both. Lots of deep breaths!

    Good luck for yours Suze. I'll be thinking of you.

    Yes I'm going to get an early night after doing this bit of ironing - oh joy.

    Does the transfer take long? I didn't reach this stage before xx

  • You're going to be fine lovely.

    Mines tomorrow too - no idea on how they are all going at the moment as had an update yesterday morning. Will just have to wait & see tomorrow - it's our of our hands now xxx

  • Yes that's true - I'm sure they're all doing brilliantly! Best of luck for tomorrow Pumpkin. I'll be thinking of you. Xx

  • Hi Fredaflinstone. Hope all has gone well for you today and your embie(s) and it is/theyare safely on board where they belong. Have a good rest. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Good luck and positive thoughts sending your way xx

  • Thanks all - home now. We had one embie transferred and have some to freeze. We've been so incredibly lucky and are so grateful to our donor. Now it's fingers crossed more for the 2WW. Thanks for your support xxxx

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