I'm so nervous, first ICSI, first ET. I hope we have done everything we can right. We had 12 eggs and now left with just 3 what didn't sound good at first but we have come to realise that any and every possibility can happen it's just luck, so I hope with all my heart one will be lucky. My emotions are swinging around. My plan is to feel as broody as possible so our embryo feels right at home. Any other suggestions? 😁😁😁

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  • Hi Jazzanddunk

    I had my first and hopefully only transfer on Monday. I was really nervous the night before too. In terms of the procedure it was painless and everyone was great. Try and relax and make it fun. I made sure me and my hubby took crazy pictures of each other gowned up with the attractive hairnets, lol. My thoughts were that when this wee magical embryo is a little bundle of energy running around our house I want to show him/her the fun we had waiting for them.

    I read somewhere that an element of comedy is good, I guess if only to help lighten up what is actually a bloody difficult and emotional process.

    Try and relax and remember it only takes one and a little magic.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. X

  • Thank you sarahndave

    That sounds so refreshing to here we will definitely take some pictures.

    Fingers crossed for you too xxx

  • Rest and take it easy. I tried visualising the embryos settling in, they had a sofa, wallpaper and a standard lamp! Unfortunately we got a BFN but it was fun imagining them cuddled up on the sofa.

    Good luck!

  • Lol pm27

    I was thinking like a broody hen but why not give Emby a little class.

    Sorry about bfn, wishing you luck for the future ✨

  • Try to relax & do fun things, especially in the second week which I felt went quite slow. Good luck x

  • I only had 5 eggs and by Day 3 only one was good enough for transfer and it wasn't even top quality! However, he's now 25 weeks and growing and wiggling nicely! Good luck - it really does only take one xxxxx

  • Thank you for the comments 😊

    Today went really well, wasn't as bad as I amagained.

    We have one frozen and the one they used was "better than average" we are over the moon ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • This might sound crazy but I was talking to the embryo in my head telling them how much we loved and wanted him or her during transfer. I also counted in my head and breathed deeply and my husband stroked my hair. This helped me be as relaxed as I could. But like you said it is all luck if the embryo will implant there's not much you can do except hope and look after yourself. Good luck! Xx

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