Any advice welcome, ty ❤️

So after our BFN last week I quickly became hopeful and positive again after talking to our clinic about trying again, we have 2 Frosties and can get started again about August time, however over the weekend and this week my mood has been so low, I was supposed to go back to work on Monday but couldn't face it and I just keep looking on line at what I could do differently next time?!! ....... I'm giving myself a bit of a talking to this afternoon, I'm going to go back to work on Thursday, I work with very supportive people and I think the distraction would help, I can't help wondering if there is anything I can do differently next time round, I eat fairly healthy, do a lot of walking and I rarely drink alcohol anymore, I do like a wee glass of red now and again, I did completely stop drinking through my treatment last time! I constantly worry about my age, I'm 42. Is there anything specifically I should be eating or doing/not doing to improve my chances this time? There probably isn't a straight forward answer but I'd be so grateful for any advice from you lovely ladies, feel like I'm constantly ruminating about it all just now 😣 ..... thank you for listening ❤️

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  • Hey, really sorry to hear about your last cycle it sounds to me like your doing everything you can. Theres always going to be up and downs of emotions through this journey. I'm the same as my next FET cycle approaches, I think the thought of a frozen cycle gives so much hope after bad news but as you get closer it's quite normal to feel scared at the thought of more heartache. Sorry if I haven't answered your question directly but wanted you to know your not alone in how your feeling x

  • Thank you for your reply, sometimes I just feel I'm constantly talking to myself so it's nice just to talk openly on here knowing people understand, sending you best wishes for your next cycle, take good care x x x

  • I totally understand that, I often think if people could hear the conversations I have with myself they'd think I'm even crazier lol it's a tough journey this, my inbox is always open if you want a proper chat 🙂 Xx

  • Thank you so much, that's very kind x x x

  • Sorry your feeling down, you will have good and bad days and it's ok to be sad but in time you will start to focus on your next cycle.Are you having a follow up appointment see what they recommend etc xxx

  • Yes, we have a follow up appointment on the 18th July ...... thank you, actually feel a bit better for just airing my thoughts on here 😊, want to try and stay hopeful and positive ..... hope your keeping well ❤️ x x x

  • It's hard to stay upbeat all the time, I have had lots of lows over the years but with every low follows a high or a positive streak. Sending lots of hugs your way 😘

  • Your an inspiration to me how you've kept going and I see how you support everyone on here, you deserve this happy time more than anything, your a lovely person and I'm so glad your time has finally come, I wish you all the best, sending hugs back 🤗 x

  • Thanks and what a lovely thing to say. I am always hear if you want to chat xx

  • Thank you x

  • Hi MichM, I'm so sorry you're feeling like this after your bfn. I can empathise with constantly worrying about your age because I'm 41 and constantly worry too. I'm not in a position to give any great advice, I'm hoping to be doing a FET around August time too. I'm sure you know of all the usual suggestions for implantation such as embryo glue, scratch, acupuncture before & after. If you hear of any more, let me know. I am thinking of you and hope your mod starts to lift xxx

  • Thank you, I'm feeling a bit better for just talking out loud so to speak about how I'm feeling, you lovely ladies are an amazing support ❤️, hopefully we can support each other if we are going through FET round about the same time, I have an appointment on the 18th July and will think of lots of questions before hand so I'll let you know if anything comes up, thinking of you too and take good care x x x

  • Thank you. I have to have a hysteroscopy on 31st July before I begin FET cycle so it may be later than August before we start. X

  • Keep in touch with how things are going for you, wishing you all the best x x x

  • Will do, and you xxx

  • Hi, I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're feeling down, and echo what everyone else has said; I think you are doing absolutely everything you can and it's normal to go through ups and downs emotionally. I hope my story gives you hope with your FETs; my daughter is now 2 and was a FET, her sister is due in about 8 weeks - also a FET from the same cycle. There is lots of evidence now about the success rates of FETs being better than fresh, so you have a really good chance with your frosties I'm sure. Wishing you all the luck in the world and take care of yourself (which is sounds like you are already doing!) xxx

  • Oh thank you so much for your reply, your story does give me hope and I'm so happy for your success, wishing you all the best for your wee arrival in the weeks to come, take good care of yourself 💕💕 x x x

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