Sick of being in pain with hydrosalpinx

I'm on a bit of a downer today!

I'm sick of being in constant pain, had very little sleep last night, pain meds, hot water bottles and i'm still in pain!

I just want all this to go away.

Majority of the time its a dull annoying constant ache but when it comes with avengence it cripples me and tires me out, yet can't sleep because of the pain, I'm sick of having to let work down, cancel plans etc.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today as you can tell. Xxx

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  • Hey, you mean after your salpingectomy right? I had hydros on both sides but didn't cause me any pain so I assume, and hope for your sake that you mean recovery!

    How long ago was your op ? Mine was quite intense surgery, removed more than just hydros, and I was bad for the first week, took paracetamol every four hours to cope, but then after that it started getting back to normal.

    I hope your feeling better soon, but don't put too much pressure on yourself, it's physically and emotionally draining so don't push yourself to get back to work if your not ready, if it was someone else in your position would you want them to feel guilty for missing work, no, you would tell them to rest! πŸ™‚X

  • I've just looked at your previous posts; you haven't had them removed and they're causing you this much pain ?! 😰 My goodness ! Bless you ! Are you having them out ? X x

  • Yup i'm constantly battling with the pain daily! Some days its manageable and doesn't affect me but alot of days it impacts my life massively.

    Until i see the gynae in July i haven't a clue what the plan is, and its getting me down so much. Xx

  • I feel your pain...literally!

    I was the same and felt constant pain and the doctors would prescribe nothing but paracetamol, which does nothing!

    If you can afford to try acupuncture, please please try it...I swear that's the only thing that has help! I'm not sure how it works, and sometimes I think it might just be psychological, but the pain is definitely more manageable now :-)

    I have my Op booked for start of July to essentially have them removed and I don't know how I would've coped waiting until then otherwise


  • Sorry to hear you're in pain nickimidge. Paracetamol and ibuprofen together usually works for me. Have you tried yoga to give yourself an hour off? It gets you in a good headspace. July is not too far away but I hope your pain improves.

    Lili my op is Friday to remove tubes but don't know what they'll do until they operate - they will do a dye test at the same time so may flush tubes or remove. Good luck for July. X

  • Oooh we're like Op Buddies ;)

    Mines the same; no idea exactly what until they get in there. My dye test was last October so they've dragged it out a bit :-(

    Good luck with your Op! xx

  • Thank you, and yours! Let me know what happens x

  • Will do, you too :-) xx

  • How long has it taken you to ge yours removed? Xx

  • They first diagnosed mine in April last year and my Op is now start of July.

    However, my time line is a bit all over the place as we got caught up in the IVF process along the way when we weren't expecting to and then referred to 2 different hospitals.

    When they did my dye test, they said there was no point doing surgery to try to fix tubes as they were beyond repair so they'd just be removed along the process when we properly started IVF.

    Then our funding held us up a bit so it's been a little while. However, from consultation when they confirmed needing Op to having Op, it'll only have been 3 months :-)


  • 3 months isn't too bad. I'm scared i'm going to be left in pain xx

  • No it's very good.

    All I can say is hound which ever hospital and the secretary of the consultant and try and get yourself a cancellation if you can...for everything!

    It's the only reason mine took a relatively short a time as it did...I was in pain so I became a pain ;) xx

  • I'm seeing my GP thursday so see what he says and then i'll be hounding! Haha xxx

  • Good girl, it's time consuming but so worth's like my new hobby now!! xx

  • How long has it taken to get yours removed? Xx

  • My GP has given me codeine as paracetamol and ibuprofen just weren't touching it. But on bad days codeine only takes the edge off for a little while!

    I'm besides myself! Xx

  • Hello! I have had my tubes removed because of this condition and I know that horrible dull constant ache is causes. After my op instantly there was no pain! They found a 5cm cyst growing actually off my right tube 😱 Which wasn't seen on the scan so think that's what was causing my pain. Are you having yours removed? In the meantime you could try reflexology as I didn't find out till after mine had been removed that it can help. Hope you get it sorted soon x

  • I don't know what my gynaecologist wants to do until i go next month. I'm hoping there going to say they'll take it out! I can't carry on like this. Xxx

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