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Advice please. Pain in lower tummy during 2ww

Hi ladies - can anyone help

I've been a bit worried today and tonight as I've been getting low down tummy pain, which started off as little hot jabs, then turned into a dull ache by the end of the day. I'm pretty bloated and tender too. Bit like you get before you come on. Peeing lots too! I know my body is going to be feeling a bit odd but is this sort of pain normal during the 2ww?!. I'm on day 6

Because I had a donor egg my drugs are different and I was first down regulated, then pumped full of oestrogen using patches and then a few days before transfer I started on progesterone pessaries, both of which I have to continue with

Is it possible my pain is endometriosis pain, as doesn't oestrogen feed endom?

If it's the drugs making me feel like this then fine, but I'm freaking out a bit as the pain, whilst not excruciating, is bad enough I can't switch off from it.



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Talk to your clinic, but the drugs you've been on and are on, are a bit miserable. I found the progesterone the most bothersome. And yes it makes you very twingey and bloated. Not to mention irritable, head achey, not nice. The whole time I was on it, it felt like my period was coming. Hand tight and if things start hurting a lot call your clinic.


Thanks for yr message filmgirl, really appreciate. So good to be able to share experiences on here

I had two day migraine type headache at the start of the week and clinic said sadly it is a side effect of the drug. I only emailed them late afternoon about the pain, so sure I'll hear tomorrow, they're in Barcelona so hour ahead.

But yr right! That's exactly how I feel, like I'm gonna come on. Also one minute I feel really hot then very cold!

I feel some comfort knowing it's more than likely the side effects of the drugs, and whilst uncomfortable I would rather it ad that than by body rejecting the embryo

Did you have a donor egg too? Did yr treatment work

Thanks again xx


Hi Hope23 I had cramps exactly like period pains from day 2 of my transfer i got a positive two weeks ago and still get cramps now some are really painful and wake me up at night but I have a friend who is naturally pregnant and 8weeks and she has the same sought of cramps! I think what I'm trying to say is relax (easier said than done I know) but drink plenty and don't panic positive thinking good luck thinking of you sending positive thoughts x


Hi can I just say that your post Was really helpful to me too as I'm in exactly the same position it's day 3 I had Icsi I have cramps and period pains I'm absolutely dreading the next week and a half thank you for putting my mind at rest. Xxxx


Hope yr feeling ok today, another day done! My tummy pain has subsided today. So that's good. Hang in there! Xx


Hi Honey yes another day done your right just 10 more or maybe less I can't even begin to think about what I'm going to do if I get my period before......... Glad you're feeling a little better I'm feeling absolutely fine apart from what does feel like period pains but this only started today and feels very Niggly. Speak tomorrow xxxx


Ah thanks brimblemissy, such a relief to read yr knowledgeable words! Really good to hear others are having/experienced the same symptoms.

As I said in my post to filmgirl I would rather it be the side effects of the drugs and the embryo bedding in than body rejecting the embryo anyway

It's So hard not to analyse every feeling! The pain has subsided today anyway. I also keep worrying the pessaries I have to insert tend to start dripping out (sorry tmi!) So I'm concerned I'm not getting all the dosage! But it's probably just the other ingredients that can't be absorbed in my uterus. Arrgh!!

Thanks again for yr reply. It really. Helped! Xx


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