Baby still here! In total shock

Hey guys went for a scan today due to bleeding over the weekend and to my surprise there was a baby with a heartbeat. My clinic think it could be a threatened miscarriage so I've a 50/50 chance. I couldn't face looking at the scan, my hubby got a scan picture. I've been dwn this road b4 seen the heartbeat then on next scan it had died. I know not every cycle is the same. I just don't want to get hurt again. I've been advised to just rest up for the next week until my 7th week scan. I just hope and pray this is a miracle baby. Thank you for all your comments and support its been greatly appreciate xx

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  • That's fantastic news every crossed for you that this little one holds on x

  • OMG fantastic news β€οΈπŸ™ Do as yet told now and rest! Little prayers for you both 😊

  • Fingers crossed for you. x

  • Oh Im so pleased for you, that's fabulous news! Get those feet up and have some rest!xx

  • Hoping and praying for you x

  • That's such good news Vonny. Rest up and pray xxx

  • Thanks guys I'm defo resting even tho i dont think I can rest anymore than I am, hubby won't even let me make toast lol I'm just going to take each day has it comes and pray it's a miracle baby. Thanks again xx

  • That's great news but still a worrying time for you so everything crossed all will be fine xx

  • Fantastic news! So happy for you-I was wondering how you got on.

    I bled very heavily at 7 weeks like a full period-and was sure I'd lost the pregnancy. I didn't have many symptoms either-however my baby was fine and is now a strapping 18 year old lad!

    My sister also bled at 5 weeks and was told she wlukd lose the baby-she didn't and my niece is a healthy active 3 year old.

    Some women bleed in pregnancy doesn't always mean miscarriage.

    I know it's very worrying-and believe me I would be the same esp after what we all go through to get there.

    Put your feet up and let your hubby wait on you!


  • Thanks hun your words are reassuring honest. Life is just so cruel at times but hopefully I'll come out on top. My feet are up and are staying put until I give birth lol xx

  • Thinking of you Vonny, xx

  • Thanks hun x

  • Praying for u gurl. Just hang in there

    But u need to ask them if they should give u extra progesterone via injections. Insufficient progesterone can trigger miscarriage

  • I'm on 1200 mil of progesterone hun already can I get more? I'll ask em at my next scan x

  • Keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • Fingers crossed. Hope you get your miracle baby xxx

  • Everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hi Vonny, such fantastic news, how amazing, praying that it hangs in there all the way x

  • That's great news. Wishing you all the best my love. Xx

  • Everything crossed for you xxx

  • Thanks guys for the lovely comments I've needed them I'll tell ya. X

  • Fantastic news regarding the scan. Rest up and good luck for your next scan. Thinking of you.

  • Good luck got everything crossed for you! X

  • See never give up hope xx

  • Great news! Fingers crossed for you! xxx

  • Wow good luck! Am I a similar situation, had bleeding during 2ww but then BFP. Had my 7 week scan yesterday and there was a heartbeat but length only 6mm which she said was too small. I asked chances and she said 60-40 towards it not working out which was so painful after this long journey but fingers crossed our babies get a growth spurt this week and are there good and strong on the next scan Xx

  • Oh Cmat I'm sorry hope all works out for us. I didn't see the heartbeat couldn't bring myself to look. I had a missed miscarriage 3 years ago. I saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks then at the 8 wks scan it's heart had stopped. I can't go through that again it broke me. I'm hoping next Wednesday on my 7wks scan all will be fine but inside I'm not holding much hope. X

  • Well you never know, this baby could be a real fighter and you are doing everything you can. We have to go on a 3 hour drive today - the nurse said just to have lots of stops, I hope I'm not doing any harm. Resting up sounds a better option- enjoy that toast and hope you get spoilt xxx

  • Oh God Cmat please do have lots of rests even if it takes u longer to get there it's worth it. I lost a clot this morning and I'm still bleeding but only when I wipe. It's turned from red to brown now sorry TMI I'm hoping it's a good sign tho. I wish I could be put into a coma for the next 12 wks. I'm not used to this resting lark I'm normally very active. Good luck with your journey and please do rest. X

  • Thanks will do. That sounds a very good sign, it's a horrible feeling when you're bleeding but you hear of so many people who bleed and go on to have a healthy pregnancy xxx

  • You do which gives us hope but there is still that scary voice in ya head. X

  • I'm so pleased for you!! I'm sending you positive vibes in hope everything will work out! xx

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