Amazing scan day

Had the most amazing day. For those who don't know my story, we had a surprise natural bfp after 3 failed cycles of icsi. Had a scan today and saw our bean for the first time. 7weeks and 6 days on scan with a strong heartbeat. Still can't believe we have been so lucky after such a long and hard journey. For all you low amh girls out there, You can still pop out good eggs that can create a beautiful baby (mine was about 5 2 years ago - God knows how low it is now!). Wishing baby dust to everyone on this site and hope you all get to be where i am today. Xx

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  • So wonderful, so pleased for you xx

  • Congratulations hun xxx

  • Great news, glad to hear that everything is going well!xx

  • Lovely post, delighted for you. Hope you are keeping well xx

  • So lovely to hear. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Hi anna0908. Fabulous! Well, it's off to book your midwife appointment now! Hope all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy. Diane

  • Congrats, glad to heat all is fine with you snd the baby.

    I also had a surprise bfp after 2 years of ttc, 1 unsuccessfull iui and exactly the month we were going to start our ivf journey :)

    1 question: Did you expect to be 7 week pregnant when you went for the scan today. I had an internal scan last Sunday when I thought I was 7 week pregnant, but they just saw an empty sac. I was told that my pregnancy age is about 5 weeks not 7 weeks! And that I had to go back in2 weeks for another scan. This feels a bit odd for me, ad my last cycle started on 11th March and I'm normally regular with cycles of 28 or 29 days πŸ€”

    That's why I was wondering if you were expecting to be 7 weeks before doing the scan xx

  • I think it is always more unpredictable with a natural bfp as you can't be sure when you ovulated. I was 7+3 by lmp but have 26 day cycles so not a surprise to find I'm a little further. Even with regular cycles you could have ovulated later on - my friend always ovulated later on in her regular cycle. I hope this is the case for you but know you must be having a long horrible wait to find out. Will keep everything crossed for you xxx

  • Thanks a lot; hopefully everything will be fine. All the best for you πŸ™β€οΈ

  • Congratulations, wonderful xoxo

  • Amazing πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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