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I posted on here a couple of days ago, very upset that my IVF cycle had been cancelled / converted to a freeze all as the doctors found a polyp had developed during the course of the stimms. You ladies were so wonderful and cheered my up enormously. I'm feeling much stronger about it all now. But, a really strange thing happened yesterday. I am on the NHS and have my scans done there. However, they work with a private clinic who do the scans on weekends and who also do the EC and ET. I was due a scan on Saturday so went to the private clinic. The sonographer who did the scan was confident there is no polyp ... she told me to speak to my NHS doctors but that she didn't see why I couldn't have a fresh transfer. I'm booked in for EC Tuesday. I have no idea now what is going on!! At the very start of my cycle my NHS clinic booked me in for all my scans including one tomorrow. Presumably I don't need to go to that scan tomorrow given I'm having EC Tuesday but I'm hoping it is still in their diary, and I can turn up and speak to one of the doctors there to find out whether I do or don't have a polyp and what is happening. It is all just so confusing and the uncertainty is so frustrating. Had anyone ever even heard of a seemingly magical polyp that can appear and disappear?

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  • I'd press for a second opinion and probs would trust the clinic more

  • About polyps I'm not sure, but I had a cyst that dispersed by itself. I wonder if you had a cyst and not a polyp? Hope you get some answers 🤞 X

  • I had a scan 2 years ago- as I was bleeding between my periods. The sonographer thought she saw a fibroid in the lining of my uterus. I was then referred to a general gynae who thought it was more likely to be a polyp anyway she performed a hysteroscopy on me- and low and behold it wasn't there!! Apparently polyps can just go. It can happen!!!

    I'd speak to your consultant and trust their opinion. They will do the best for you.

    Hope you get this cleared up soon- it's awful when medics say different things- been there.

    Good luck!


  • I had hydrosalpinxes on both sides disappear as I was gearing up for a laparoscopy. So my freeze-all cycle became a fresh one... that one didn't work as in the end no quality embryos to place back, but second cycle worked and now nearly 9 weeks pregnant. No sign of blocked tubes at any of the scans I had during my second round!

  • Congratulations on the pregnant! So pleased to hear the second cycle worked out for you!

  • Thanks London7 :-)

  • Wow, fantastic news that you're now nearly 9 weeks pregnant. I was told I had hydrosalpinxes on both sides and they wouldn't let me start ivf (privately) without having both my tubes removed (privately). To think that maybe they could have been unblocked or maybe it could have gone like yours. I've just had a failed 4th round of ivf with no tubes. Even tried donor eggs and that failed too.

    Just makes you think/ question between scans and 'what ifs'.

    Best wishes with your pregnancy x

  • Hi Music1,

    Sorry about your failed cycles. At least you don't need to worry if your tubes had anything to do with it... My consultant always said: we can try with leaving them in but if you miscarry twice in a row it might have to do with tubes and you'd have to remove them to eliminate that option. I guess sometimes they just don't know! Are you still in the game? Good luck on your journey! X

  • Hi Gueritarubia,

    I hadn't thought of it like that. Thank you. Makes me feel better :)

    I've always felt 'at a loss' not having them. Thinking that maybe I could have got pregnant naturally or without surgery which caused more adhesions and pain each month.

    I am fortunate to have 2 frozen embryos left. Scan booked for next week to see how my lining is doing, and if all well, hoping to go for a transfer soon. It's fingers crossed all the way. I kind of hope they don't find anything magical in my scan :)

    Thank you for your best wishes. Wishing you every luck on your journey x

  • Thanks!

    Great to hear you're still going strong and with a plan in place.

    Hydrosalpinxes can empty into your uterus and the liquid can either "wash out" the embryo or kill it due to toxins. I was willing to take that risk as the last time they saw some signs of them being filled, the liquid had gone down and they could see my uterus was dry. The hypothesis was it had gone the other way and hence the consultant considered the risk of liquid causing miscarriage low. But if he hadn't been so sure I'd have gotten them out - after all that hard work of getting embryos, you want to give them the best chance you can and not risk miscarrying! I'm sure you took the right decision getting them out.

    Good luck with your Frosties.

  • I'm not sure I understood why they took them out or what could happen if they were damaged. I simply heard them tell me I was "running out of time due to my age, and they wouldn't even consider me without me having surgery to remove them first". It came as a huge blow. Thanks for explaining. Best wishes x

  • I had a polyp on my cycle in March - because it was small (less than 1cm) we were given the choice of freeze all & remove polyp or go for fresh cycle as it wasn't considered big enough to prevent implantation. We chose a fresh cycle but it was bfn. I've now had to chase for an appointment with a consultant to refer for a hysteroscopy procedure to check if the polyp is still there and if it is to remove it. We now have a date for this at the end of July. In many ways I wish I'd gone for a freeze all because then we'd have just been dealt with in the system. From what I've learnt, a polyp can grow/reduce with hormones - they can't be easily detected with scans, which may explain the disappearance - our consultant said a hysteroscopy is the only reliable way to detect them for sure. I hope this helps a little bit ultimately, be guided by your clinic xx

  • Thank you - it did help. I told them if there is any uncertainty when they do the next scan I definitely want a freeze all. The idea of having to wait and chase to get a hysteroscopy, well, after waiting to get this far would just be so frustrating. At my scan today they said they have no idea whether I have a polyp. It is just all so frustrating!

  • Hi ladies, thanks so much for your replies! I went back into my NHS clinic this morning and insisted on being scanned again and speaking to someone to clear up the conflicting information. And the short answer is - they have no idea. Now they can't see the polyp but can see something strange - it may just be that sometimes the lining goes a bit funny from the drugs but it can rectify itself. They said that now I've stopped taking the stimms (as I had the trigger injection last night) in a few days time they should be able to better see what is going on - whether it is a polyp or just a change caused by the hormones that has corrected itself. So they will probably make a decision as to whether to do a fresh transfer or freeze all after egg collection. It is all so frustrating not knowing what is going on! I find the lack of control in this process the hardest part! Thanks again for your helpful replies. X

  • Good luck with EC! 🍀 X

  • Trust in them that they will decide based on which option gives you the best possible chance of success (if nothing else because it's good for their statistics!). Hope all goes well xx

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