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4th try :(. Edinburgh/Glasgow experience?

Hi every one. I'm new to forum use so but not to IVF. Just had our 3rd failed ICSI. I wondered if any one else was in the same boat, and also if anyone had experience of private IVF in Edinburgh/glasgow?

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Hey I'm also from Edinburgh. I've had a failed fresh cycle of ICSI and a failed frozen cycle (both ended in chemical pregnancy).

My cousin went privately although I'm not sure where. They weren't entitled to treatment through NHS as he has a son from a previous relationship.

Their IVF was successful privately though first time xxx


P.s very sorry to hear about your failed cycles. It's so hard isn't it? 😟 And welcome to the forum, the girls here are amazing! Xxx


Hi Amanda, thanks for your reply. It's just so hard isn't it. We have never got frozen embryos, is the preparation much easier for you for a frozen transfer? We are going to go private for try 4 I think. Need to try something different


Yeah frozen isn't bad actually. It's a one of injection followed by progynova tablets and cyclogest pessaries so much easier on the body.

Have you first 3 shots been with NHS?

I have heard that private clinics (not private with nhs but a separate clinic) do more testing into possible reasons for failed cycles.

Although I've only been through 2 cycles I've also had a miscarriage a year before starting IVF treatment and yet the hospital have never mentioned doing any kind of testing as to why I've not had success which I feel quite disappointed with. Have they been the same with you or have you been offered any testing?


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Yeah all NHS, last one self funded. Our issue is male factor, but I think we've just had all the usual tests. No genetic testing or anything but I guess we know what our issue is. Are you going for another try? Definitely worth asking about more investigations. I did find it really frustrating that I got different information at different points along the way and mainly prompted by me asking. I think because you see someone different each time they don't know you/aren't invested in you. I'm hoping private will be different. Saying that I think edinburgh NHS has the highest success rates.x


I think they do have the highest success and I actually know around 5 people who have had success with Edinburgh as well. Some first time some took longer.

We are also male factor issues. Just the usual tests for us to.

I'm having another frozen transfer in September and if it's not successful I'm going to push for further testing although when I asked after this one they told me no so we'll see what happens with that πŸ€”

Yeah I don't like how you you see different people all the time. I understand they maybe can't always have you with the same person but it would be good if they could try?

Have you looked into treatment abroad? It seems to be a lot more reasonably priced. Xxx


Wow you must have been lucky with the frozen embryos. Not looked at abroad no, I trust the uk health system. Have you tried anything out with the drugs? Acupuncture or reflexology?xx


We were really lucky with the frozen embryos which I'm so greatful for. In my frozen cycle I tried acupuncture, had about 4 sessions. I enjoyed it but for me I don't think I felt it was worth the money. I'm going to try reflexology this time.

Have you ever tried any of them? Xxx


I had a couple of sessions of each this time, previously hadn't tried anything. I'm just not sure it's worth the money with no evidence behind it really you know? Xx


I agree. I haven't tried reflexology yet but I'm going to give it a go but if I don't enjoy it then I won't keep going as I do think as you say it's a lot of money for something that their is no evidence of it improving chances of success. If I enjoy it then I'll have a few sessions as even if it just helps me to relax then I guess that's something πŸ™‚ My accupuncturist actually told me it would benefit my partner more but he won't entertain it lol

Are you going to take a break before going through it again or you looking to try again asap? Xxx


The reflexology was lovely, basically a foot massage for an hour! Just not sure if it's really worth the money. But as you say if it relaxes you it's worth it. Private ivf is so expensive though I'm not sure I can justify it. Was your acupuncture at The Albany Street Clinic? Who did you see?

We have an initial appointment this month so will see what the advice is re timing I think xx


My acupuncture was in east Linton (I stay in East Lothian).

Yeah I agree it's a lot of money on top of the costs for private treatment and probably not worth the extra stress paying for that too! Xxx


We have just had a private (failed) cycle at GCRM in Glasgow - the clinic was really good, the staff so professional & kind. We are gearing up for a second cycle now with them although we are going through the Access Fertility side of it which allows you either 2 or 3 full cycles for your money. Peace of mind more than anything else if the 2nd cycle doesn't work. I'm sure that GCRM have a satellite unit in Edinburgh somewhere. Good luck to you x


Hi Lorraine,

Sorry to hear about your first cycle, it is so hard isn't it. Was that your first ever? How long did they advise leaving between cycles? How does the Access Fertility work - I couldn't quite figure it out from the brochure! Yeah we are going to the satellite unit for our initial appointment which is handy x


Hi Edinburghdreaming, yes it was our first time - absolutely gutted but ready to go again now - mother nature dependant!!!

The clinic said that we could go again from Day 1 of AF so, for me, I was due last week but didn't really come to much so we decided to hold off until next month. Also is easier then as it doesn't conflict with holidays etc.

The Access Fertility I phoned up last Wednesday & they sent me over forms which we signed, electronically on Friday morning & I got a phone call today so say we had been approved!!! There are 2 routes, 1 is a refund route if you don't come out with a live birth but is medically assessed or the other route is slightly cheaper but no refund. The medical information is all the baseline tests that had to be done prior to ICSI so the clinic had all of that already so that's probably why there was no delay. Once approved we have to make payment & then they will tell the clinic that we are on this programme so no further charges should happen.

I'm taking it now as a good sign that we have been approved so quickly - hopefully means they think they have a good chance of keeping our money!!!

As I said before the staff at GCRM in Glasgow are lovely so I would assume the satellite staff will be too.


Is the access fertility cheaper overall, or just paid in instalments? Or just a set price regardless of what you need? Wasn't sure what it was exactly!

Sounds like they are really flexible with you so that's good. RIE wanted 3 periods between cycles and my cycles are quite long, especially after IVF. X


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