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Well OH went off to the clinic this morning and they said all was well with his contribution and the embryologist just called to say they got us 14 eggs. I'm slightly worried because I thought we were sharing with another recipient (the donor is altruistic and we were told we are recipient 2) which would mean the donor produced 28 eggs - way too many but the embryologist sounded confident and I'm thinking the other recipient may have pulled out or something (don't want to think of the alternative). Anyway we are very pleased - that's more than I could have dreamt of - and will wait to hear tomorrow how many have fertilised - fingers still crossed.

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  • Good luck! Xx

  • Hi Fredaflintstone. Let's just concentrate on your wonderful news. Whoever the donor was, has been truly amazing, and it looks like you may have some embryos to freeze too if all goes well with fertilisation. Keeping everything crossed for you both and I hope all works out well with a positive ending. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Great numbers and hopefully they are all busy fertilising. Good luck xx

  • Thanks everyone. Yes I am focusing on the good news! That would be amazing Diane! Fingers crossed 😊

  • And of course we are so so grateful to the donor for giving us this chance ❀️ X

  • That's great! I hope it works out exactly as you planned...fingers firmly crossed xx

  • Thank you country cat. It's good to have all of your support! xx

  • Great numbers xxx

  • Good luck for the next step! x

  • Thank you - fingers crossed xx

  • Wow that's brilliant!! Good luck for fertilisation!!xx

  • All sounds very promising! Good luck x

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