Waiting for DE EC - anyone at the same point with their DE treatment?

Hi there we are waiting for the donor to have the EC w/c 12 June. She's altruistic (wow - what an amazing person!) and will share her eggs with two recipients. Am worried there won't be enough eggs because we're recipient No 2. Does anyone have an stories to share. I don't really have any idea about the numbers of eggs usually collected, how many fertilise etc. Be nice to have some buddies for the journey too. Good luck everyone x

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  • We used DE sharing for our 3rd Round if ICSI. We were told that we'd get a minimum of 7 eggs and if the donor had 7 or less we'd get them all. I guess it might be the same sort of arrangement if you are the 2nd recipient. I think you'd get the next slot for other donors if the numbers were too low. We did get 7 but only 3 were mature. I hope you get better numbers than we did.

  • Hi yes if there are fewer than 6 eggs total then recipient 1 has them and we go to the top of the waiting list again (no cost for that round). If there are 6 we get thee each. If there are 7, 9, 11 or other odd number we share but recipient 1 gets the extra egg. Yes FC we get a good number. Thanks for replying. I hope you managed to get a positive result still?

  • Fingers crossed you get lots of lovely mature eggs.

    Sadly we got another BFN and ceased treatment last year.

  • Thank you pm27. We can but hope.

    I'm so sorry to hear that - it's such a hard thing to go through. I hope you're ok.

  • We have just opt for an egg donation(unfortunately not altruistic)

    we paid 6,9K for two attempts, but it's my first time doing this. I'm a bit lost and yesterday called my nurse as I was confused with the pack of meds I was given by clinic. Thanks God, she explained everything in details and wrote this down.

    as for me it's too early to speak about egg collection but once I was told by my manager they guarantee each donor donates more than 15 follicles. Hope they won't be empty.

    good luck you too

  • Yes it is all a bit of a mystery and different clinics take different approaches. Are you having treatment abroad? I wish we'd had the option to pay for more than one go and am thinking we should have held out for exclusive but we were so keen to get started. I think the number of eggs varies. We're only protected if there are fewer than 6 eggs in which case recipient 1 gets them and we go back to the top of the list. It's all a bit scary and exciting at the same time. Wishing you lots of luck!

  • you are right, yes, we are with ukraine, I'm not sure if you heard something about this country. when I tell we are with ukraine people ask is it safe there haha?

    totally, you must be happy she decided to share her eggs with you. if I had such option I would use it without thinking unfortunately we didn't have this one. anyway, I'm grateful for what we have,,

    may I ask a question, you told if you didn't get donor eggs you would look for a clinic and pay money, right?

  • I've heard lots of people go there so I am sure it's safe. Yes it is an altruistic donor but we still pay the clinic full price for the treatment and the donor shares with us and another couple we don't know.

  • If there are not 6 eggs then recipient 1 gets them and we go back on the list and don't pay anything for the first round of treatment. We just try again and pay for that round.

  • oh, now it makes sense to me. I thought you would look for another clinic. you know from one side that's great you won't pay any extra money. but from another, you will waste time and it's the biggest loss in your case. because we couldn't get younger and with time our body will lost an ability to respond to the stimulation.

    nearly forgot to ask, what about the stimulation, how you will know it's time to start it, have already had any injects or vagitories?

  • Hi, yes it would be with the same clinic. I agree time is important.

    Because we are using donor eggs I won't have any stimulation meds - the donor takes those. I just need to have down reg meds and progynova for the womb lining and then pessaries and gel post-transfer If you are using a donor you won't need stimulating meds either.

  • Hi we have an estimated date for egg collection on 14 June and estimated transfer on 19 June. I am having second scan on Tuesday to check lining and on optimum progynova dose from today. We are going to Greece so having to hold off on booking flights/hotels until we know definite dates. We are not sharing eggs. I think number of eggs and how many fertilise really is a gamble in any ivf process but more likely to have higher numbers in a donor. Our donor is 22 so hopeful that means many eggs. Who knows though? Mother Nature will decide. Would love a buddy at the same stage as me x

  • Hi Suze,

    I've got my lining scan on Monday 5 June. They expect to do EC around 12 June and ET 3-5 days later so we'll be around the same time by the sounds of it. Our donor is 28 so a bit older but hopefully still lots of eggs. She sounds super healthy at least. Keep in touch - it will be good to have someone to compare notes with. Wishing you lots of luck! Xx

  • Had my progynova scan yesterday and the nurse said it all looks good so I don't need to go back until ET. Prescribed Syneral spray to continue the down regging cos my prostap injection was almost a month ago now. Under a week until the proposed EC date but should know more whether that's the right date later in the week after the donor has had her scan. So thankful for our donor. What an amazing person!

    Is anyone else taking any time off work around the ET or doing anything else to help things along?

  • So I just took the Synarel spray - difficult to tell if I sprayed it properly - probably sprayed too much. It doesn't taste v nice at the back of my throat. Was a bit confused by taking something to suppress oestrogen and something to stimulate it at the same time but it looks like it's common to prescribe both at the same time.

    Not too many days to go til EC now. Have booked a couple of weeks off work - next week and the week after - so am looking forward to that too.

  • Had an unexpected call from the clinic today to day EC will take place on Friday morning! We thought it would be next week. We'll find out that day how many eggs are collected and then next day how many have fertilised. FC it all goes well.

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