Self-help books?

Hi everyone

Thanks for all your support yesterday - it really helped. Today is a slightly better day; I got a full nights sleep last night, and I've managed to get an appt with a counsellor in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I wondered if anyone could recommend a self-help book that deals with infertility and the grief attached to it?

Thanks again!

H xx

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  • I'd be interested in this too, if anyone can recommend any! Glad you got a good nights sleep, hope it continues, and glad you'll be seeing a counsellor..hope that helps too xx

  • Can't recommend any books but good on you for booking an appointment with a counsellor xx

  • So so glad you feeling better. ..a good night's sleep always a winner and we'll done on the counselling. I read a book called inconceivable..very good can't remember author but it will be on amazon. An inspirational read by someone in our position..also finding peace in a frantic world..mindfulness book with cd great for relaxation xx

  • Fab, thank you!

  • My pleasure xx

  • I have read the zita west guide to ivf and is your mind fertility friendly by Jackie brown. The last one really helped me and would def recommend it x

  • Thank you

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