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I need help!



Please help me with this.

My cycles be usually around 25 days, but I have lost nearly 4 stone and this month I am on day 32 with no signs.

I took a test this afternoon which was negative.

I need help. Is it that the weight loss is causing my cycles to be all over the place or should I test again 1st thing in the morning,

What shall I do? Please help.


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I have just rechecked my test and their is a very very very faint line

What shall I do?

Take a year with first morning urine tomorrow.

Test not year!!

THanks Lizzie, yes that’s my thoughts too. See if

If their is any changes 👍🏻

Camillage in reply to Kimbo28

Hey. How are you? Did everything work out? X

Kimbo28 in reply to Camillage


I have took another two further tests with morning urine and nothing but still no period.

11 days late now.

The doctor is calling me tomorrow for a chat, so will just see what happens tomorrow and over the weeekend xx

Camillage in reply to Kimbo28

Oh this must be so hard for you. Hope they take a blood test and sort it all out xx

Hi guys

Just a little update.

I am now 15 days late and still no period.

I have spok to my doctor and she says to wait till Friday to retest, it’s been a long week 😞

I have been having very small bits of nausea on and off and occasional cramps. The main think I have noticed today is a bit of leakage when I stand up. (Sorry I know it’s not very pleasant). I keep thinking my period has arrived but then check and hasn’t.

It’s all very strange to me. Just a waiting game now though.

Thank you for all your lovely messages


Camillage in reply to Kimbo28

Big hugs. I hope the outcome is a big massive bfp. Xxx

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