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Hi all

Just wondering what your opinions are on midwife referral before scan with IVF clinic.

So last time I self referred to the midwives because I spoke to a doctor at my work who said I should refer early because they might want to keep a closer eye me.

However I went for my IVF 8 week scan and there was no heart beat. Went to EPAC etc and they didn't pass my details on to the midwives who phoned me a week later to book me in so in the end they didn't do any extra checks.

This time I'm a bit wary about referring myself as I feel I could jinx it but could they possibly do extra checks this time because of my history? And is leaving it til 8 weeks a little bit late?

Hope that makes sense!


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  • I was told not to notify the midwife until I'd had a scan at the IVF clinic just to make sure the pregnancy was viable. Xx

  • Ive booked my midwife appointment but i am having a scan at 6 weeks and seeing midwife at 7 xx

  • I was also told to wait till after first Scan to make sure pregnancy was viable, I went to the doctors same day as I had my scan which was a Wednesday then I had my midwife appt the following Tuesday xx

  • Thanks! I really don't want to jinx it so will wait this time xx

  • Hi there, id definitely wait until after your scan. Im just a bit further ahead of you at 14 weeks and haven't found that the midwives or hospital have done anything differently from it being an ivf baby - just had the booking in apt and dating scan as normal. I'd be surprised if they saw you any earlier than around 9-10 weeks for your booking apt anyway! Wishing you lots and lots of luck xxx

  • Hi there,

    I self-referred myself as soon as I found out I was pregnant, just like I would have done with a non-IVF pregnancy. I wanted to be in the system so that I could contact a midwife if I needed to for any reason. However, I understand that getting that phone call must have been really horrible for you - I didn't even think of that, you poor thing. I had my first booking appointment with the midwife the day before my first scan with the IVF clinic and nothing was mentioned to me about waiting, my midwife just said that it was best to get in the system as soon as possible.

  • I feel the same in that if it was natural I would self refer straight away but so scared I might jinx it.

    Maybe on a not so anxious day I might do it! Xx

  • I self referred with a natural pregnancy but it made no difference at all when I miscarried... I still didn't get to have a scan, just had to go through it all at home then ring the GP for painkillers and a sick note. And cancel my first midwife appointment.

    I'd do whatever your clinic recommend.

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