Recommendations on good value DE programme, here or overseas after our disastrous crazy expensive UK round? Anyone with 'Access Fertility'?

See how good I'm being at taking time out/time to grieve?? Can't help mull over adoption or further DE.. Was thinking I COULD NOT STAND the thought of any further ivf, but somehow I can feel myself recovering, sigh, and thinking about it again.. or too frightened by the downsides of adoption.

Meanwhlie, this has been my worst worst reaction to a BFN! Have been so low. But feeling a bit perkier this evening. Again, thank you SO much for all the huge support I've had on here. xx

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  • Was just about to go to sleep but couldn't help reply. I'll message you my clinic details in cyprus. Where are you based? Its twinned with hospitals in U.K. and was about £8K. Inc treatment in U.K. and drugs.

    I bet there are loads of good recommendations from women here coming your way.

    I feel so sad you had a bad round/experience. As if this journey isn't hard enough as it is! Big hugs hon. x

  • thx so much Emu. I should be in bed too! xx

  • IVF should come with a lack of sleep warning xx

  • Am near Oxford xx

  • It's a bit far perhaps but that clinic I sent to you is partnered with one in London x

  • So glad you're feeling a bit perkier xx

  • Hi Coracle, I have just been to Kiev for consultation and signed up.

    Can't comment on success etc but will keep you posted and if you want any info just shout.

    So sorry 're the time you have had recently. Your stronger than u think and glad to see you bounce back 😘❤

  • Coracle, if you want details of ours in the Czech Republic, shout and I will PM you. No results either way so far but I felt so safe and confident in their care...could not fault them at all.

    Much love to you! It must be bloody awful going through what you have so my thoughts are with you xx

  • Coracle so sorry to hear your news. We are with Care Fertility in London. They seemed to be well priced compared to others in the U.K. with fairly short waiting lists and I think they have clinics dotted around the country. Not sure about success for us but they have their success rates published on their website. They'll send you a complete price list if you contact them. Good luck with whatever you decide. x

  • Coracle we are with Manchester Fertility at the moment with their DE programme. Saying that, I've already had 1 BFN and am trying to decide whether to transfer just 1 or 2 frozen embryos we have remaining from this cycle. It wasn't cheap for us. I think we've paid close to £10K to date for this cycle (trying not to count).

    I think they have some kind of programme where you can get your money back if you're not successful on upto 3 attempts or something? This wasn't offered to us, probably because of my age. We just went for the package they recommended as they suggested it would work.

    I'm not recommending them. They haven't been forthcoming with information to be honest and I sometimes feel you have to push for what you want. Fingers crossed that my next transfer is successful but in all honesty I'm not holding out much hope. I'm just being realistic. It may be worth taking a look round the website to see what they can offer?

    I'm so sorry. Huge support, hugs and best wishes. xx

  • Sorry to hear you had such a rough cycle. I hope you find a better DE clinic and restore your faith. This really is such a tough journey. Be kind to yourself x

  • Glad you are feeling a little better, I am looking in to our clinics recommendation of Alicante and also Cyprus, all the best ❤🌈💋

  • HI Im with North Cyprus Dugus its 4500 Euros for DE they knock off 1000 Euros if you go back after a BFN. Going out for our 3rd try in October x

  • Feel your pain Hun but so glad you are feeling a bit perkier!! I know I didn't get a BFP but I was a 45 yr old trying with my own eggs (😫) but I really feel confident in my clinic in Thessaloniki. The empathy and care that we have received-I really feel like if it wasn't going to work with them it wasn't going to work with anyone. Not quite there yet with making any fresh decisions as to whether we stop here or peruse DE options and I still have the battle in my head about anonymity issues but I think I would go with them again for treatment if we decide to go DE route. I used a co ordinator (you don't pay for her) who is amazing and she basically gets you completely organised! It's like having your hand held thru the process so if u want their details just pm me. Big hugs xxx

  • Hi Coracle. Sorry I meant to reply days ago. I'm not sure it's fully up and running but, IVI uk are opening a satellite clinic in Oxford. I know they have donor programmes. I know a little (have met and had endo surgery with) some of the staff setting it up, all v v good from my experience. I have a son as a result of these individuals work, against all odds. Probably not allowed to go into details here. Not sure if this is up your street but I'm quite sure this is sold as affordable IVF and access to egg donors either in UK or Spain.

    Let me know if you want more details. I'll drop a message to you anyway. Hope you are doing ok. xx

  • Dear coracle Iim really sorry to hear that. I myself am about to verge on De route. And kinda understand that this is not gonna be easy as well. But all I can offer to hugs and support . Please don't give up . Xxx

  • Dear Coracle

    I'm about to transfer de tomorrow. We thought about going abroad but found the cost plus travel and stay, it would probably cost the same. I have stayed with local clinic in Southampton. They have a partnership with a clinic in Spain. So, it was our choice to stay with them.

    I was on the waiting list for 6 months. I'm pleased that I have some hope and lots of frosties as back up. Ivf is a horrible process. I'm not the same person.

    Best wishes xx

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