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About my ivf

I am new user.40 yrs female. I am under Ivf treatment. This is my first cycle. On 24/05/2016 my 2frozen embryos were transfered with day5 blastocyst grade A. I am on progesterone and oestrogen supplement. On 24/05 and on 27/05 had shots of hcg. On 3/06/2017 morning had done blood for b-hcg. Doctor called me and said result is 26 and it is mild positive. He asked for repeat blood after 48hrs that means tomorrow. Today I have done urin test and it came negative. I have lost all my hope and I am Very much depressed. Why my hcg is so low? Is there any chance of positive result tomorrow?

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I am so sorry. You must be worried. There are some low HCG on here with positive outcomes. I understand that the doubling is more important. Sending you love. Xxx


Unfortunately it might happen that the 1st ivf wouldn't work for you. Stay positive, and don't give up. x


Yesterday was my 2nd IVF ET. Hope this time everything will go right. Today i had constipation so i had to give pressure. Will it effect? What are the things i shouldn't do? Is there anything i shouldn't eat?


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