Another possible heartbreak

Did a home pregnancy test on Tuesday and was positive , however had blood tests done same day and came back with low level of HCG of 22.2

The nurse didn't sound positive, and I am giving up hope, although trying my best to stay positive until it's confirmed to be over 😒

Motherhood may not be meant for me, difficult one to take when I so want to be a mother of a bouncy healthy baby. But unfortunately odds are against me cos of my age:-(

I don't even have many symptoms anymore just slightest of a twinge, could be the pessaries .

So unless a miracle happens and the HCG levels go up drastically tomorrow my time is up.

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  • Hi San1510. So sorry to hear that all is not looking too good. However, even a low reading of hCG is a positive, so I'm keeping everything crossed that it improves greatly at next blood test. Hope you've got someone with you. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Dianne. Stupidly just did another home test and came up as Not Pregnant.

    So guessing I am out 😒😒😒😒

  • Big hugs xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Thinking of you and so hoping that your levels improve. My heart just broke reading your post...not in pity, but solidarity.

    Here's hoping...

    Look after yourself xx

  • Thank you . Think I have to be realistic. This cycle didn't work . Did a silly home test and came up as not pregnant this time 😒

  • Really really hoping that your levels rise and rise and rise! x

  • Thank you . I think this cycle is over for me 😒 Was hoping I would get positive again on home kit but came back NOt pregnant 😒😒😘

  • 😞 so sorry xx

  • Oh honey I am so sorry to hear this. I know exactly how you feel as I got bfn yesterday after round 2. Try if you can not to give up there anything else you can do? Maybe now is not the time to think just yet as all so raw. I refuse to beleive we won't have a baby of our own in our lives despite the way I feel today and I hope this for you too xxxx

  • Thanks Vic. I have 3 more frozen blastocysts but have already lost 7 blastocysts in 2 rounds so chances are slim unless a true miracle happens. Hope you are keeping well xxx I guess it's going to be a journey full of ups and downs xxx

  • So so sorry San1510! 😞

    Sending many hugs x

  • Sorry to hear this, look after yourself xxx

  • So sorry to read you post,

    Sending hugs and take care x

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