2WW (not that I'm there just a question about it)


everyone hope your all well.

The 2 week wait (not that I'm on it yet that's not until August as my EC is planed 31st July, say I've not started my cycle either as that starts 18th July)

I will be booking the 2 ww off work, What I wanted to know is am I allowed to go on a holiday well a break to Wales to go light walking with my dog, so that I'm relaxed or is it better just to relax at home?

I know I'm way in advanced but if wales is an option it's I would need to book somewhere up soon,

Thanks xxx

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  • I would say go away have fun and relax ❤️

  • Thanks xx

  • I was abroad for the first week of our 2ww. (Treatment in cyprus) it was amazing.

    I took the second week off too. By the time I got home, put some washing on, did some food shopping and saw some friends it was test day. Relaxing is so important. By that I don't mean bed rest... but switching off and enjoying yourself :) xx

  • Thank you, I may have a look later on at places to stay xx

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