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Just a wee, quick question

This might sound like a very superficial and stupid question so I hope I don't annoy anyone. I am due to start my first round of IVF and have my appointment on the 5th July to start the drugs. Can you drink alcohol while on the drugs? It is my birthday on 10th July and I just know my family will be insisting on meeting them for dinner and drinks. We are trying to keep it quiet that we are doing IVF (I fear the pitying looks if it doesn't work).

My apologies again if this sounds like an unimportant question.

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It's not unimportant at all. I chose to not drink during treatment, although my DH tried to persuade me the odd gin would be OK to relax. Guidelines are usually not to so talk to your clinic?

I have kept mine quiet and would recommend the following tactics:

Drink tonic with lime and tell everyone it's g&t

Husband sips your drink or does a swap if you're bought one

Say you're doing 'dry July'?

I reckon I get more paranoid about it and probably noone even notices or cares!

Good luck x


Hi Lisa, we are doing NHS treatment and both my husband and I had to agree to not consume alcohol at any point on treatment. Im not sure if its detrimental to the treatment but doing as we're told! Ive avoided a few social events because of it but my family know so Ive not had too much pressure there.x


Hi I am due to start my Injections on the 5th July too, long protocol. I was advised at my last appointment cut down on alcohol which I don't drink much of anyway. . so have decided not to drink any whilst doing IVF. I think maybe try not to, just to be sure, but totally up to you x


We chose not to drink alcohol during and waiting in between treatments. Our consultant said that it was best to have no alcohol in the 3 months before conception. I think most clinics advise no alcohol especially after ET for obvious reasons. We figured anything we could do to improve our chances was worth doING.

The tonic (pretend it's g&t) or no vodka and orange/coke is a good trick. Or have one and make it last. It might be a good idea to tell a select few why you eon't be drinking so they can help you out. Or meet up for lunch and play the lightweight card.

Good luck with your treatment.

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Oh blimey, don't think I could manage 3 months!! Where do u find the will power?! x


Hi, no it's not an unimportant question at all. We get so much conflicting advice and we all want to do everything within our power to help our treatment work. I drank during the stims stage but definitely not after ET. I didn't drink a lot but found that a glass or two of wine helped relax me. In fact during stims we were at a wedding and I was an emotional wreck as there were 3 pregnant women at it! I was surrounded by the proud bumps of the mums to be. I was very glad of the wine that day believe me!!!

Thankfully our treatment was a success and I believe it to be just down to pure luck and not any thing I did or didn't do during treatment.

It is your call, do what is right for you and most importantly enjoy your birthday. You could be about to recieve the best gift ever. Good luck xx

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I very much agree with this. When in treatment, it was my in laws 40 th wedding anniversary. I was ready to move from down reg into stims, but the clinic recommended I stayed on the Down reg for a couple of days longer so that I could have a drink in the party. Little girl is now sleeping downstairs! I don't think our success was to do with much of what I did/didnt do - more down to luck than anything...

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Thank you everyone for your advice. The thing is, I'm not a big drinker, but would normally have a few on my birthday. I think I'd prefer not drink at all, so will spin some yarn to my family. I will probably tell my mum what's going on (she always guesses when something is up with one of us LOL).

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Hi, the advice I had was to cut it all out to prepare your body and have the best possible chance.

I've faked a few sicknesses and made other excuses as we haven't told people either.

I'd say avoid it and focus in giving yourself the best chance.

Good luck


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