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Ive just had my 2nd scan on day 6 of stims and eggs aren't growing as we'd hoped πŸ˜”Nothing happening on right ovary and left one only has 5 follicles of which only 2 are a good size. I know each round is different but at this stage on my first round of ivf I had 8 follicles most of good size and that round didn't work so I'm feeling quite hopeless now that my odds are even shorter. The nurse said it was to be expected (presumably because I'm older). I'm on the max dose of drugs and I'm doing everything I can to eat well, drinks lots of water and generally take care of myself. I know worrying won't help but I can't help but feel upset and deflated. Anyone got any good news stories of miracles happening with 2 eggs please? Xx

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  • I don't have any good news stories I'm afraid as this is my first round. Just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel and understand how disappointing it feels. I'm on day 11 of stims and had my second scan today but unfortunately things don't seem to be growing as they'd expect so still not planned in for egg collection. Hopefully things start to look up for both of us xx

  • Sorry to hear things aren't progressing as hoped. Fingers crossed our follies leap into action soon! From speaking to my nurse it doesn't sound like they would delay EC, just go ahead and hope for the best which worries me more. It's so hard not being able to control what's happening in our bodies. Hope things improve for us this week xx

  • Oh Cheshirekit I'm sorry you're feeling like this. How long do you still have left on stims? My EC date was extended last time because by the original date I only had a few follies ready but on the day of EC after a few more days I had 8! You are right, you can't help feeling how you feel but try to stay positive, you've still got a way to go yet. Sending big, fat, plump follie wishes! x x x

  • Hi there do u remember how many days s of stimming did u have

  • I'm so sorry, I don't. I did put a post on here when I started but they don't date them. It was longer than they anticipated, it was possibly around 10/12 days x

  • A girl I know only had to 2 follicles cancelled her cycle as she thought it wasn't good enough, started again still only had 2 follicles so went with it, she got 2 eggs and both transfered on day 2 or 3 and now she has a beautiful baby girl. As she taught me it's not quantity it's quality xx

  • Thanks Janer85 that gives me great hope. Come on 2 follies grow grow!! πŸ€πŸ™πŸ»

  • Thanks so much MommaBear16 xx I've got my last scan on Friday to confirm EC on Monday. From speaking to the nurse today it doesn't sound like they'll move my EC, just give it a go and hope, which I'm not happy about as this is our last attempt. Hope all's going well with you? Xx

  • Oh fingers crossed lovely, it's so hard when things don't seem to be going right. All is well thank you, two jabs down so far - forgot how much they sting but so far so good :) x x x

  • Hope they get better for you. When is your EC planned for? Xxx

  • 13th Feb so far but I'm not holding my breath! Fully expecting it to be delayed!! x x x

  • Hope things progress well for you lovely xxx

  • I hope I can reassure you, I had a day 7 scan and compared my results to others and was very worried, you can see the pic on my profile- although I had 12, the sizes weren't that great. I too have low AMH and was on the max dose of drugs. Within 4 days I now have 28 visible follicles and 6-7 that are mature, so your follies will grow. I introduced a full fat pint of milk- which upset tummy on the first day, and also used a hot water bottle (controversial)- it's up to you, but was no harm to me. Just give them time, worse case scenario they may keep you on stims for a couple of extra days. Just remember your doing the best you can.x

  • Many thanks KeeKee21 that does give me hope πŸ‘πŸ» Blimey, 28 is good going missis!! When's your EC? From what the nurse said today it sounds like my EC will be on Monday regardless of how my follies develop. I don't feel that they're really on our side at all in all this 😳 Xx

  • But only 7 are mature enough to collect the rest have not grown enough. But it was an improvement from my 1st scan. Some of them had grown 10mm in 4 days, so please don't lose hope. My egg collection is tomorrow morning.xx

  • I was going to start putting a warm wheat wrap across my belly as I heard warmth is good for follicle growth-when in cycle should u start doing this? I didn't hear about controversy, are there risks involved? x

  • A lady wrote on my post that her nurse advised against heat, and I think Diane (nurse) agreed with her. I started doing it from day 7.xx

  • Maybe I'm best leaving it then? So difficult, always a positive story & a negative story to all the advice given on every aspect of IVF isn't there? So confusing x

  • I know sometimes you never know what to do for the best, then you can over research everything. I think diet is the key, and let's face it, it's unlikely going to do any harm by eating the right foods.x

  • I know and my diet has been terrible leading up to this cycle plus I stopped exercising-seemed to have lost me mojo.this is our last shot with own eggs to.the only thing I surprised myself was cutting the booze down to almost nothing was easier than I thought & im a big drinker so I spose that's at least something x

  • I had two good sized follicle and one smaller one when it came to EC. They retrieved 7 eggs and 4 fertilised and then had one put back in on day five and froze two. I did have a BPF but unfortunately had a miscarriage. Don't give up hope yet xx

  • Many thanks for your message which does give me hope. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage though, hope you're doing ok xxx

  • I only had 1 follie grow to size (I'm older) -and I now have a grade 8/10 frozen embie waiting for me. They do want to try & get another egg out of me but we are going to proceed this cycle whatever & put the embie back

    I've heard a few positive stories of people only having one egg collected & it did the job so I'm praying to be like that!

    Sounds like you might at least get 2 out of this so try not to be 2 hard on yourself.everything crossed for u that your growing follicles give u some healthy eggs xxx

  • Thanks 72cloud9 im trying really hard to think positively and willing my 2 follies to grow well! Where are you in your cycle? Xxx

  • I'm just waiting for period to start.had EC in November where they got the one. Skipped Dec, scan early jan only showed 2 follies, no others at all so they said to try once more now which will probably be next week.so basically they wanted to be able to put 2 embies back but we have decided that if my follies no good this time, we will just put the one back.

    Stay positive-obviously I don't know the end result of my journey yet but the fact that they only got 1 egg from me yet it fertilised and survived the 5 days to blastocyst 8/10 at my age is a miracle so good things can happen x

  • Ps my clinic didn't delay EC to let my other follies catch up as they said there was a risk that the others might not catch up & if they didn't they would then have risked the good size one being past it! So could be what your clinics thinking but also there's still a good few days till your EC-those smaller follies could really make a leap in size between now & then x

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you for your next scan. I'm feeling worried about my first stimming scan tomorrow as have low amh and only got 6 eggs last time which was a year ago and age advancing! It is so stressful waiting for scans and news when your ovaries don't respond too well. Seems early for your clinic to say they will be sticking to egg collection date as wouldn't have thought they couldn't assess til they see your next scan? My egg collection is never booked til they see my follicles have grown enough to give me best chance of mature eggs which is usually 12-13 days into stimming. Hope your next scan shows some improvement xx

  • Thanks anna0908 i know what you mean about age advancing! This will be my last attempt due to my age and I felt that the nurse implied this is good as I should expect now which upset me a bit. Trying hard to keep my positive head on today though and will those follies on! Good luck with your scan tomorrow xx

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I felt that using a hot water bottle helped and keeping my feet warm (feet advice from my acpuncturist). Mine were quite slow to start but eventually got 6 as some smaller ones caught up! All the best!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella5 I'm hoping my 3 smaller ones catch up too xx

  • Hope your scan went ok today xx

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