What to do and not to do during 2ww?!?

I know, it's me again, already! 😯

I've downloaded Zita West relaxation for Ivf, I listened to the first one which is technically for pre implantation, but figured might as well do it properly from the beginning, going to do the post transfer one everyday.

I have to say I was sceptical, but it really relaxed me last night, if it works regarding implantation, who knows, but it did relax me. I'm still eating Brazil nuts and pineapple, got another acupuncture booked for Sunday, and then the following Tuesday (test date is the Wednesday).

I've also downloaded a colouring app on my phone. It's called Mandala Colouring pages on Google play store. I'm really enjoying it, it's helping me fill the evenings, and this morning when I woke really early but didn't want to disturb OH with bedroom light.

Been advised to chill out as much as poss for few days, Zita West blog suggests going for a nice walk day 5, so will do that also. I'm a bit scared to move if I'm honest although I know it won't help to just stay in bed lol. Hard to know what to do or not do isn't it, definitely feels harder this time round to me anyway.

Hugs to you all


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  • You seem to have it pretty well covered. The only things I can advise are trying to stay as relaxed as possible, drink plenty of fluids and a well balanced diet. Do try to move around as much as possible as this will help the blood flow to the uterus. Keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Definitely drinking plenty, but not done an awful lot. Day of transfer just chilled at home as advised. Yesterday visited in laws and did her shellac, went to shops to pick up something for dinner, then came home and chilled out watching movies. Do you think I should be doing more?

  • I was frightened to move too! I took it nice and easy although a walk will be good. Have you tried box sets? We watched some and again, it really helped keep my mind occupied. Just don't choose anything that requires too much thought/concentration! x

  • We downloaded a load of movies, and got several box sets we can go through hun. Being only day 2 I'm a bit scared to go for a walk, but feel stupid for even saying that! Wish the 3rd would hurry up lol

  • It sounds like you're all sorted then! I know what you mean about walking, it ridiculous as there are women doing a lot more and still falling pregnant but it's natural to fret after all you've been through!

    Take care and good luck! x

  • Sound like you've got it covered. A 30 min walk a day should do you good - emotionally and physically. Good luck!

  • Oh it's so hard to know what's right isn't it! Maybe walking around tesco looking or dinner isn't such a bad idea after all 😂

  • Walking is definitely good and if you can do it with your partner, all the better! I do knitting so I just watched box sets and knitted a lot. All4 have a lot of good stuff on catch up at the moment. My husband took care of everything else around the house. I'd also advise not to symptom watch and stay off google! Easier said than done though...

  • Well I visited my sister and nephew, then other half picked me up, walked around asda picked up some nice things for dinner and just had big chicken salad. I'm crocheting a scarf for a friend at the moment, but got a rainbow themed hat and booties on the go for a friend who is due her rainbow baby in a few months. Hoping to be able to make some for me soon 😉

    How are you doing these day Tlove? Everything ok? Hope you're all doing well xxx

  • Definitely sounds like you're doing the right things! And as you say hopefully you will be able to make little baby clothes for yourself soon. This is my hope too!

    I'm doing well, just back from a prenatal yoga class and I'm so glad I went. Just the breathing exercises alone were great. I've just decided that I'm going to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and what will be will be. I'm much further along than any of my previous ones, so I have to stay positive.

    Hope you get some good news in a few days when you test!

  • All my love and lots of hope to you and little one! Keep positive and enjoy every second getting to know your baba xxx

  • Do you live in London? Can you get to a Dahn Yoga centre? They do brilliant relaxation/meditation/tai chi classes which are fab for our 2ww xx

  • I don't sadly, but if I'm totally honest I did pilates/yoga last time I was pregnant, and it was relaxing, but also made me more aware of every pain and twinge, so I'm a bit scared to do it this time. I am however having acupuncture and using the zita West downloads. It's about as much as I can afford right now too, because other half loosing work and found out we have to move. Talk about crappy timing eh! Thank you for your advice though hun xxx

  • Yes I would avoid Pilates and Yoga, these classes are Tai Chi based and lots of meditation, think of it as Yoga for your Soul. I think your meditation downloads sounds just perfect, the more calm and stress free you can be the better for your body but also your mind. Sending you positive vibes and energies xxx

  • Yes they are relaxing I must say. Will do another today after dinner. Been calm but house viewing is never fun when it's not your choice lol

  • I was told long walks help implantation so I did lots of them. We actually went away for a few days and just wandered around the local town/went to the zoo and I found it was really relaxing and took my mind off everything. I asked my nurse about Pilates as I love my Pilates and she said that if there were lots of ab exercises like crunches and stretches I might be best not going for a couple of weeks so as not to risk overdoing it. She may have been overcautious but I didn't want to take that chance. I think whatever you do as long as you find it relaxing you can only help x

  • So hard us all getting conflicting info isn't it. They said pilates was ok so long as it was gentle and not too hardcore, which it wasn't as it was a rehab class for beginners and injuries, and the instructor was aware so to keep an eye on me. Think I'm going t go for a walk tomorrow around the crematorium where we go to lay flowers for our daughter and grandparents. It's so peaceful there it often relaxes me. Hope its nice weather for it so we can enjoy a nice walk together

    Thank you


  • when I looked into prenatal Pilates or yoga, the instructors have all told me to wait until second trimester, after 14 weeks, to do it. I stopped Pilates and the gym when I started the IVF and now just do swimming, walking and have just started the yoga. I also made sure it's a dedicated class for pregnancy - some instructors were willing to have me in a regular class with some modifications but having been tonight, the pregnancy yoga is more focused on you and baby. Gentle exercise is fine - you wouldn't want to be skiing or horse riding!

  • Being why I was happy to stay in my previous class because it certainly wasn't over strenuous, the gent next to me was 69 with a hip replacement! I didn't do anything that caused pain or strain, I was just very aware of every movement of my ovaries, they were bloody huge and continued to grow due to those dear pregnancy hormones.

  • I'd just add laughter to what you are already doing.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you! My other half keeps the laughter in our house going, if cracks me up. Going for a nice walk today, hoping that will blow away some of the cobwebs, then acupuncture tomorrow. You know what it's like, the more you do this the worse it can seem, you know too much almost. Think I must have had those wonderful nieve glasses last time. Had no idea what to expect, no friends who had icsi before, and didn't know of this forum so had nowhere to chat and ask questions. Think I was just in my nieve little bubble. Scared, but hopeful. Well I'm still and scared and hopeful, only now more aware of those pains, the twinges, and trying (to no avail) to remember if I feel the same as last time I had pain throughout my last pregnancy, so any pain is kinda scary for me. I think it's less than last time, I think. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it xx

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