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I don't know what to think/do about symptoms

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Hi ladies,

Sorry if I shouldn't post this here and I am by no means moaning about my symptoms if this pregnancy continues I would be happy to have them I am just worried and not sure if it is a chemical/miscarriage not really sure what it would be and am looking for advice

As some of you may know i had my bfp on the 28th September, I had little bleeding at 5 weeks and went to epu at 6 weeks they told me that there was sac and yolk but I was measuring 5 weeks and not 6+6, I kind of thought ok maybe just a late developer and still a bit early, anyway this morning at what should be 7+2 I had a bit of period like blood only on tissue, and a tiny bit the second time I went, the last 10+ times I have been this morning there hasn't been anything. the epu were really negative so I don't want to go back and my GP surgery do not do blood tests, I have an appointment with my clinic on Monday for a scan. I know all symptoms can be anything in this case, but I am having to go to the scan on my own Monday as oh really cannot get it off work so want to prepare myself for all possible outcomes based on my symptoms. I have had symptoms on and off sore breasts, hungry and still getting strong hpts. I also don't know if there would be more of a bleed if embie was no longer there? Has anyone got any advice even if I have to prepare myself for the worse

Thank you in advance xx

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So sorry you are going through this.

From my experience of a early miscarriage it started bright red spotting continued straightaway into heavy fresh blood with huge clots( I mean size of my fist) I had a lot of cramping & I knew I was losing my baby. This was a loss at 4.5 weeks a loss at over 7 weeks would be more intense bleeding & pain I would imagine. The bleeding would get heavier & it wouldn’t just stop.

As you know I had some pink/brown spotting last week.My GP assured me provided it was light spotting ( brown & pink even some red) not heavy bleeding with intense cramping not to worry. She said women can even bleed heavily and be okay.

If you are having a miscarriage most women will sadly know they are 😢

Pregnancy symptoms do come & go, Mine do as well, I’m also 7+ 2! Apparently your body adapt to the pregnancy & symptoms only come when you are having a huge surge of them if that makes sense? That’s what my mum googled!

I also am incredibly hungry & eating foods is never normally eat! My breasts are sore off/on.

Rest up is the best advice for this spotting/bleeding- think bed rest. As soon as I rested it stopped!

I didn’t find the EPU very good last year, she coldly told me nothing was there when she knew how long we’d been trying & made me feel like I had lied about the positive test! I swore I’d never go there again. I refused a scan at EPUthere from my GP based on that experience. Sorry they were I insensitive to you😢

I hope that can help reassure you a bit xoxo

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Sammy18 in reply to Hidden

😪 thank you jess, I am so sorry for your losses. I pray you have a healthy pregnancy.

The epu were really helpful to me last year with my ectopic, so thought getting checked out would be ok, but she was so negative we just had to get out of there. Even when she called me later i was picking some things up in Sainsbury's told her I couldn't talk and if she could call back and she continued to tell me it wasn't growing when thinking about it later she wouldn't really have known that if it was too early, I don't know. It's so confusing and don't help if professionals aren't being professional. Your post has reassured me that my symptoms may still be positive ones thank you xxx

Could you afford to pay for a private scan before Monday so your oh can be there? I feel a bit worried for you going on your own and for him having to know you’re doing it whilst being stuck at work. There are often deals on scans on groupon?

Oh ok I will have a look and see if I can't get one for Friday. Thank you.

Hi Sammy sorry you are going through this. I had some bleeding on and off for about two weeks when I was around 5 weeks luckily it was nothing to worry about. I think they are only concerned if you fill a pad within an hour.

Symptoms it's hard to tell really as everyone is different. I'm 9+4 and I'm more hungry, thirsty and my boobs are sore on and off but apart from that I have no other symptoms and they come and go.

Maybe as Lizzie has suggested try and get a private scan before Monday to put your mind at ease. X

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