How do we prepare for our first cycle of ivf?

Hello everyone

Today we went to our first consultant appointment where he said we had already been referred for ivf back in feb which we were unaware of so we should be seen before the end of this year which is great news. He confirmed that I have a double uterus and that they would plan to transfer 2 embryos. I forgot to ask any more questions because I think i was just in shock and it became very real. I wanted to ask if they would transfer one into each womb or would they put them all in one side? I left feeling really upset and down about the whole thing when really i should be happy i think i'm just a bit scared of it not working and the unknown so any advise from any ladies who have a similar womb to me and are having ivf please get in touch would be great to hear some positive stories and tips on how to mentally prepare ourselves. Sorry for the long post!

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  • Hey Ramsay91, I don't have any experience of your situation but just wanted to wish you all the best on your journey.

    Everything will be fine and I am sure your clinic don't mind going over it with you again xx

  • thank you :) x

  • Hey, I don't have experience of your situation but wanted to say everything your describing sounds absolutely natural for when starting IVF. You go through a rollercoaster of emotions daily. Maybe you could ring or email your clinic to ask the questions you wanted? I'm sure they understand that's it's very over whelming at your first apt xx

  • I agree with E_05. It sounds completely normal to feel that way. So don't be hard on yourself. It's a roller coaster emotionally from Day 1. Good Luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi Ramsay91. It all depends upon how divided your womb is. If the middle bit (septum) is quite a way down, they may put an embryo into each side, which will be up to the embryologist on the day. Sometimes a consultant will advise having the septum shortened or removed prior to IVF, to allow for more natural expansion as baby(s) grow. I have had quite a number of ladies go on to deliver without problems, although the ones I have known, all had an elective C-section. I do hope all goes well for you without any complications. Trust your consultant as she/he will want it to work for you too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks everyone and Diane for your kind words it does help. We were told to still try naturally but I can't really see the point but I suppose it could still happen. I have now dropped my hours in work to spend more time on me and not being so stressed so hopefully it will help. Husbands swimmers have also vastly improved since he quit smoking and doing more exercise along with the supplements he takes. We are shifting our focus on our house and getting it all done the way we would like this year and just enjoying each others time before children come along. I will keep you all updated with our progress and hopefully it will happen soon.

  • Hi, I have no personal experiences, but a few friends of mine did acupucture before and during their cycling in Gdansk ivf clinic, as ladies had problems with eggs quality. Good luck x

  • My advise is carry on with your life do the things you want to do and keep busy doing anything you would have normally done!

    IVF has a way of consuming your mind with a range of thoughts and feelings about it the process and why you have to be the one who needs it etc etc.

    Be kind to each other and keep your head strong remember who you are and what makes you happy, stay realistic and don't let all this become the only thing in your life xx

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