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what is egg donation?

Hello to all

My first post here is devoted to an egg donation issue. I’m not an expert in this field but I want to know a lot about it as we have opted for de treatment and in 5 days I’ll start the stimulation.

I’ve already got a pack of meds but I have no clue what to do with it and what to expect. I was told very weird words about dosage and so and so far, I’m confused because I don’t know what every word means. I’m be grateful if someone explains what is the stimulation is? Thanks a lot

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Hey, have you got an appointment with your clinic before you start medication? x


Yes I had, we have an initial where we done some bloods and ultrasound as well, my hubby gave a sperm sample and we took a time to think about the contract.

also I was told a few things about egg donation process but frankly I didn't understand at all

all that I know, I will take meds in order to grow up my lining and after that I will have an embryo transfer. How will they do that????? I'm so lost with that


you need a healthy thick lining so the embryo can stick. That's what the drugs do.

If you don't understand you really should call your clinic so they can advise! :)


I thought nice ladies here will tell me some information about it.

no I understand but not all, I was prescribed to take vit before the stimulation. as i understood vit help to get prepare to the stimulation, right?

oh, what injects did you have?


I think it's everyone's responsibility to be well informed about any medical process they are venturing into. If you don't understand something, I'd suggest you ask the nurses at your clinic or the consultant as you have a lot of unanswered questions which they can help answer. While everyone here can advise and be of support it is really your responsibility to ask your nurse about the process so you fully understand what is going to happen to you, especially when it comes to dosage of medications etc, this is tailored to individuals and you need to understand from your nurse exactly what you should be taking and when!


thank you very much, I know I sound really stupid but I'm scarred what if I do something wrong. yesterday I asked my nurse about the dosage and I even made a note, just in case I will forget something.

She told me that it's ok and she understood my worrying, also she told I'm not the only one who knows nothing about all the process.

well, I'm almost there, I will start my stimulation.


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