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Ohss flared up again! Terrified now it's getting worse! :(

Stupidly night before last and had to many carbs, kept up with my water intake mind, and been bloated past two days, and not peeing loads despite drinking lots, scan tomorrow? It's my own fault, anyone have this thru pregnancy I'm sick of feeling bloated, sent hubby out to get smart water, Gatorade, and cocant water and protein. Gonna cut out carbs today hopefully that will help. Any advice? Xx

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I had a transfer on 21 and I was getting better. However from last Thursday I start feel very bloated and on Friday I was worse. On Saturday I struggled with breathing I was drinking less. I have done test and was positive. Today it was my 2ww test and they confirmed that I develop moderate ohss. I had a scan and I have fluid in my stomach. I can't sleep it's so uncomfortable :(. They told me that the pregnancy could develop ohss and cloud last for long time. Hopefully you will feel better soon xx


Mines not uncomfortable just not peeing what im putting in so annoying xxxx


I think you should ring your clinic as is important to pee x


Congratulations on your BFP & hope u feel better soon x

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I haven't got advice I'm afraid but really hope u feel better soon x


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