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Can you use heat/ hot water bottle during stimulation phase?


I have PCOS and clinic told me I’m likely to get OHSS. I’m currently on injections and the meds are reeking havoc already. My ribs are painful,my pelvis is heavy and I’m really bloated.

Wondering if I can take pain killers? Perhaps paracetamol or even a hot water bottle ? I’ve heard heat is really bad after ET but I can’t find anything pre ET advice ?

Help would be appreciated x

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Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

I’ve used paracetamol and hot water bottle pre et 💕 xx

Clark2018 in reply to Lou7744

Thanks Lou!

Oh no, poor you! I’m sure you can take paracetamol and heat is actually supposed to be good during stimulation so I’m sure hot water bottle is fine too.

Hoping you are able to get some relief xx

Clark2018 in reply to Dunla

Thanks Dunla. The doc told me to stay away from extreme heat. Gutted xoxo

Dunla in reply to Clark2018

Oh no! Good job you checked it out with your GP xx


Hi. I really hope you are okay. Might be worth getting checked if you have painful ribs, given you are at risk of OHSS. Let us know how you get on. xx

Clark2018 in reply to Hidden

Hi! They told me as long as I’m not out of breath I should be ok and absolutely no exercise x

My clinic said that paracetamol are okay but definitely no ibuprofen. I have been using a heat pack on my back but not my stomach as I read it wasn’t good for your eggs. Hope you feel better soon xx

Thanks !

Drink at least 2l of fluids, apparently this helps with OHSS. X

Clark2018 in reply to Kari55

Thanks Kari, Nurse told me this today too! X

I mirror what other ladies have said, drink plenty of water, paracetamol is fine and also hot water bottle, I did use hot water bottle on my stomach as I was told it helps but you can always call the clinic to double check. Xxx

Clark2018 in reply to genten

My doc told me no extreme heat whatsoever and I’m scared to put the heated seats on in the car now! X

Definitely reach out to your clinic about your symptoms. I asked about hot water bottle pre EC and they said it was fine. They also said I could use paracetamol. Check with your nursing team to be sure. I hope you're able to find some relief soon. X

Clark2018 in reply to Foodie23

Thanks so much for the advice ! X

Hi there, I took codine at the start of stimulation when I had my period and my first scan but that was with my clinics permission (I'm prescribed it for painful periods and on my last cycle the pain was horrendous). They also said I could use a hot water bottle before egg collection but told me not to use it after embryo transfer. After embryo transfer you need to avoid hot water bottles, hot baths, ice cold drinks and foods. Definitely have a word with your clinic and see what they are happy with you doing xx

Clark2018 in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thanks Annie, I’ve been taking paracetamol but doc said no extreme heat. I’m gutted x

I feel for you! I had ohss but I had this after EC. I was told not to use a hot water bottle. Other than paracetamol and drinking lots of water I’m not sure there is anything else you can do I’m afraid. If the stomach ends up more and more bloated and your really uncomfortable then of course ring your nurse and they may just check you over.

I really hope you feel better soon. When’s your transfer? X

Clark2018 in reply to kirstyblue

My transfer should be next week depending on my Monday scan! I’m huge at the moment with the bloating and I feel shit but powering through the weekend x

kirstyblue in reply to Clark2018

I’m hoping mine will be next week too 🤞Hope you are able to have a nice relaxing weekend. Rest up and take care xx

Clark2018 in reply to kirstyblue

Thanks Kirsty! You too! I’ll be thinking about you Monday x

A hot water bottle before et and paracetamol is fine! Please don’t suffer unnecessarily. Hope you feel better soon xx

Clark2018 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks Tugsgirl. I’m taking paracetamol but trying to avoid heat for the moment. Xoxo

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