How long till hormones leave following chemical pregnancy?

I still have sore breasts and headaches but been bleeding heavily for 5 days. Had another blood test today, so need to wait for result, but HPT on Weds still positive. Just want to draw a line and get body back to normal. My hormone level was only 138 four days ago so surely it's gone by now? Does anyone know how long it takes the hormones to leave at this early stage? I know when a later miscarriage it can take 2-3 weeks to get back to normal xx

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  • Just wanted to send you a big hug xxxx

  • Aw thank you Jaky. Just feels like the worst period I've had in a long time, and my mood is all over the spot too xx

  • Oh you poor love.. Like you havnt been through enough already. I'm not surprised your mood all over the place... Your allowed to be. After my last miscarriage and ERPC, it took weeks for everything to get back on track with hormones and boobs etc.. So sorry you going through this.. 💋. Lots of love Jackie xxx

  • Big love. I hope they get your results back today...that sunny weekend can be a bit more relaxing then. Hugs xxxx

  • Thinking of you, it has been a tough week xx Hang in there! 😘

  • I think I tested positive for just over a week after the surgery for my mmc. It did get lighter each day until one day, negative. I'd asked a similar question myself as I too just wanted to "get back to normal" but the day that test came up negative when I'd done so many since my bfp was more crushing than I realised it would be. I hope things return back to normal for you soon and that you are able to move on as smoothly as possible. It isn't easy xx

  • I hope that you are doing ok and you are in my thoughts xxx

  • Thinking of you WeeMrsH.

    For me it took 2 weeks for my blood levels to drop completely back to 0. I can't remember how long it took for the sore boobs to go, it was a few weeks as well I think xxx

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