Maca sorted my cycles out!

I just wanted to share with everyone how amazing maca has been for me so far.

My first 4 menstrual cycles after my ectopic at Christmas I had gone from having a 4 week cycle with ovulation in day 14 to having 3 week cycles & ovulating on day 8. Then I had 2 cycles where I didn't ovulate at all. I was starting to worry that my one & only pregnancy had sent me into early menopause!!

I then tried maca for for the first time, 1500mg per day from CD1, right through to the end. Miraculously I ovulated on day 14 & had a perfect 4 week cycle!! I'm not pregnant but it's a good start!

The other thing I've noticed is that my bbt seems to have regulated, it's no longer going up & down like a yo yo & there was a definite shift after ovulation.

Feeling much better about things & hoping that maca will be my miracle!! Xxx

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  • 3rd cycle of af after being off clomid was delayed bu 2 weeks which was last month and its delayed again this month over a week now. There isnt any good news to this just delayed af again so wonsering if i should give maca a go to regulate the

  • I honestly do feel like I would try anything!! The Peruvians swear by maca apparently, it's all natural so can't hurt I guess?! Some people say they don't get on with it & others think it's amazing. Good luck if you do decide to give it a go. I'd also be interested to find out if it helped xxxx

  • Hi Star1976. I've heard quite a lot about this. All I would comment on is not to exceed the stated dose and if you are any prescribed medication, always mention that you are taking maca. It is eaten a lot in South America and unlike other vegetables, seems to have some protein content. Hope all eventually turns out to be positive for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane 😊 Hopefully I won't need medication again if it's as good as people say...!! Xx

  • Indeed! Fingers crossed! xx

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