Successful sperm retrieval!!!

Well after spending the last week in a state of mental melt down my better half has had a successful sperm retrieval today. We've been told that hopefully there's enough sperm for 4 rounds of ICSI - IVF! Omg I cant quite believe it! I have got my appointment for the treatment plan next Thursday. IVF here we come.... I say with my head in a determined mood!!!

I know we've still got a long way to go but we are now on the right road.

I hope all you lovely ladies have had positive and lucky days xx

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  • That's great news! Well done to you both! x

  • Thank you!!! Xx

  • That's a huge relief. Well done to your man! Mine had his extracted... good job! Xxx

  • Fantastic! Ireally is a relief! Feeling so happy tonight! The Mr is on the phone telling his sister. He's not spoken to anyone till this point! Xx

  • Fab ness. Bring it on ivf.xxbest

  • Thanks hun.

    I keep laughing at myself because for the last few weeks I've been doing body combat and fit2fite thinking we can bear infertility lol.

    I hope you are doing well xx

  • Good luck

  • Im good hun just chassing up letters n drs .to make sure when i attend ny next app theres no

  • Awe glad to hear your good. Hmm that can be frustrating it's been so strange today not waiting on anything or needing to do anything. Wishing you the world of luck with your next appointment xxx

  • Thanks

  • Excellent news. Mine had same and my little boy is 2

  • Ohh thanks for sharing that. It's so nice to hear such lovely news. I'm still on a high and feeling positive today xx

  • Oh congratulations, that's brilliant news. One more step forward on the journey πŸ˜€

  • Thanks hun. How are you doing? Xxx

  • I'm ok. We have been booked in for sperm retrieval on the 24th July but it's only provisional.

    First we need to see the genetic counsellor on 24th June. They've told us the decision to progress will be ours alone and they can only advise us on what our risks will be.

    It's a big decision but we'll have to choose whether we want to take the chance of passing on this condition πŸ˜”

    Anyway, need to stay positive and great news like yours really helps 😊

  • Awe hun

    I'm wishing you so much luck! I hope you feel more informed about the decision following your counselling. It must be tough though.

    Thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes! Xxx

  • Good news xxx

  • Thank you xx

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