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Donor sperm ivf


Anyone here waiting for sperm to be released for ivf to begin (NHS Funded) ??....

My husband had unsuccessful micro tease which means end of the road for his sperm being used.

After a long emotional journey we are very excited to get going with donor sperm! The waiting is killing us though we’ve been told 3-4 months for sperm to be released 🙁 then I begin my IVF. I just wished the ivf bit could be done now then add the sperm when it’s released xxx

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Not on the waiting list but just wanted to say good luck. Hope it moves quickly! X

Hello, my husband and I are just waiting for sperm to be released too, we have been waiting 4 months. The waiting is tough I agree!! Hope you get some news soon, good luck xxx

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Are you close to getting some do you know?... I believe there is a long list at the minute, we’re with Hewitt centre liverpool. Do you need the sperm allocated before ivf begins too? X

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I rang today and they couldn’t tell my how much longer we’d have to wait, they suggested I rang again in two weeks! They are waiting on a confirmation from HFEA. Yes I’m guessing so! Xx

Hi, we are in the middle of IUI with donor sperm with the Hewitt centre in Liverpool as my hubby also had an unsuccessful micro tese. We waited 7 months, at the start we were number 21 on the wait list. There isn't much advertising for donor sperm in the UK so waiting lists tend to be quite long. Our centre sourced ours from the Cryobank in California but the waiting is just horrendous. I think they do have to you allocated to a donor before they'll start any treatment. Sending you lots of love and luck xx

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Oh my goodness 7 months!.... how long were you told at the beginning ? I can’t believ it takes so long after all the waiting we’ve had already it’s so cruel 🙁🙁🙁

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Also I wish you the best of luck with your IUI please keep me posted on your journery x x x x

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