It's all over :(

OTD isn't until Friday but this morning (after brown spotting all day yesterday) I have well and truly come on my period so it's game over for us this time round. Words can not explain the heartache I'm feeling for the fourth time in 3 years and I know you all know this feeling very well. I'm now waiting to phone the clinic to find out about when I can start again, we are hoping to get started straight after Christmas but not sure if we are entitled to another NHS funded round (first 3 were privately funded IUI)

Here's to a drunk Christmas!! Xx

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  • I am soooooo sorry! If I can do anything please just say xxx

  • So sorry to hear this sweetheart :( all thoughts with you during this time. I know it's a horrid feeling. Be kind to yourself. Spoil yourself this Christmas and do what you need to feel better xx

  • We are in holiday this year (staying in the U.K. but going away for three weeks) - so I think once work finishes and we go on holiday things will get easier for a few weeks. I want to try and forget about it over Christmas and start fresh next year. Let's hope 2017 is a good year xx

  • Oh no hunny, my heart aches for you reading this. It's not been a good month for a few of us ladies that had treatment at the same time. Here's to a good 2017 for us all. At least we can all eat and drink during Christmas!! Sending you hugs xx

  • I'm so sorry, it's so difficult all of this- what we have to go through with no guarantees. Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs!!! Here's to 2017!!! Xxxx

  • So sorry BabyD. Sounds like you deserve a lovely long holiday x

  • Really sorry for you xxx

  • So sorry to hear this lovely. It is such a painful process and so crushingly disappointing when you put your heart and soul into it and it doesn't work. I'm a bit of a mess right now too but I know we'll get through it. Have a lovely tiddly Christmas xxx

  • Really sorry to read this Hun, nothing can make it any less devastating but like you say you're definitely not alone, so many of us understand how you're feeling right now completely. I'm still getting my head round our 3rd failure too, in fact I started the Christmas drinking early at weekend and while it felt nice as it's been so long, it's no substitute for getting good news. Really hope 2017 is your year too xxx

  • So sorry to hear this...I just got a BFN on round 4 so I'm with you on the drunken's to a successful round 5 for us both in 2017. Sending loads of love xxx

  • Thank you all for your replies. I managed to get hold of the clinic yesterday and was told to continue on the progesterone suppositorys and test on my OTD (Friday) - seems like pointless added heartache because it's a very heavy period so there's no chance at all that I'm pregnant but I guess rules and rules!! I'll be having some wine once it's all officially over on Friday xx

  • Sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself as best you can x

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