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Sorry for posting yet another question when I said I wouldn't for this cycle!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Basically my clinic called and said egg collection is booked for Wednesday, as my estrogen levels are at 9,000 and my progesterone is at 3. So no menopur tonight just trigger shot and bruselin. Does anyone know what these levels mean? I Am worried I may ovulate early? I'm just a bit confused! X

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  • I was never told the numbers of my levels but I think it's common practice to time your collection with your levels. Are you doing a trigger shot to make your eggs develop? I thought this was what controls your ovulation? At least that's what I was told on my cycles. If you're worried give the clinic at all you're not being a pest. I want mine about a million times before my collection and they seemed to expect it almost lol they understand you just want it to go smoothly. Everything crossed for you!!! Xxx

  • Thanks for your reply KittyK! Hope your doing well. So basically the nurse said they didn't want to chance it by waiting until Friday as my levels are high. I was googling before and I read a post that said you can ovulate soon aswell....but this was a post on another site! So no doctor or nurse has confirmed it! I guess I will leave it in the hands of the experts. So egg collection 2 booked for Wednesday! Eeek hopefully this round works out for me x

  • Ah i see makes sense then. At least they have moved you as precaution. Good luck my dear! Xx

  • Thank you!!! Xxxx

  • They don't do hormone levels at my clinic, they just base it all on internal ultrasounds. How do they find out your levels, do you have to have blood tests?

  • Yes hunny, I have a blood test at every scan x

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