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Thumbs up to the nurses! (The nice ones!)

Hi everyone,

I've been for my first 2 visits to the Fertility clinic 2 days in a row, and my experiences on each day couldn't have been more different...the first day was for me & OH to see the nurse to check our medical history, fill in paperwork etc, and the nurse was pretty hard faced: didn't feel an ounce of compassion from her, just felt she wanted to get the consult done as quick as possible & move on to her next task. I came out feeling "I don't know if I can cope with this" - it's the kind of anonymous 'just one of many' feeling that I found so hard.

Then yesterday I went for my first experience of an internal scan - pretty undignified & should have been a worse experience in theory, but it was totally opposite - the nurse was so lovely, talked to me like I was a real person, asked how I was coping etc - it's amazing what a difference a bit of sympathy can make. Even the doctors checked I was OK during the scan & asked if I had any questions, which is more than the nurse the day before did.It meant so much to me, especially as I'd been dreading it beforehand after my experience from the day before.

Just sat here reflecting on how the "niceness" of the professionals involved really makes all the difference when it comes to this whole experience.

Anyway, my journey has begun...now the waiting for the next appointment begins! 😊

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This is great, well not the first nurse! I agree,makes a real difference. There are some wonderful and caring people out there. I hope the rest of your journey goes well, surrounded with the nice nurses and doctors 😊



Kindness and compassion defo goes along way in this journey xx


Its true a few kind words doesnt cost anything.xzxx


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