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Looking for some reassurance..6th day follicle scan (menopurE) ***UPDATE 8th day scan


Hi Ladies!

Just looking for some reassurance im really not sure what im supposed to expect, yesterday i had my 6th day follicle scan i was on 150iu menopur and this has been increased to 225iu which I understand the first scan is just to see how i am responding.

Although i say that to reassure myself! I just want to ask How are my follicles supposed to be doing at day 6, the nurse was going through follicles but i tried to blank it all out as i felt i would be worried if i asked information but i guess not asking made me worse 😂 she said 1 follicle is 13mm others (3/4 on right side 8-10mm) (7/8 on my left side 8-10mm). What im just slightly worried about (really worried 😄) is the follicles are not enough and are not growing fast as they would expect???? Also my lining was 7mm which the nurse said is good, but isit???

Is there anything i should be worried about or is there anything i can do to help them grow etc and is my lining ok at this stage?? I increased protien just before i started menopur and drink 2ltrs of water. I really dont have any bloating feeling (just very slight) So just makes me feel its not working good enough on me?

Sorry for the long post xx

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I didnt feel much bloating until my follicles had gotten to near egg collection size which was set when the lead two reached 19mm and even then it wasnt really that bad. There is no rule on the number of follicles, everyone if different so there is nothing to compare to anyone else and you are right that first scan is to see how you are responding as they just start with an educated guess. Sounds like everything is going the right way and your lining is coming along nicely at 7mm after 6 days. My linings minumum ideal is 9mm so you're really not far off. Try not to worry, sounds like the clinic have it all under control!xx

Thank you for your response, i just wasn’t sure its so hard when its your first time at ivf you really dont know what to expect. I hope your getting along well im your journey xx

It is hard not to worry but honestly it sounds like its going good and like I said trust in your clinic, they know best!xx

Hi 👋

I was on 225 of menopur and if I remember correctly my follicles were roughly the same. It’s amazing how much they grow within a few days so try not to panic. I had to stay on my menopur a few days longer than anticipated but I ended up with 8 eggs collected. Also hot water bottle is meant to help them grow.

Good luck xx

Ok i will take start using a hot water bottle, thank you. I was expecting a change straight away but it’s different for every person and I understand that. Its just hard not to worry, thank you again x

I know it’s so hard not to worry that ur body is not doing what it’s meant to do 😳 I had to have another 3 scans after my day 6 scan and was injecting menopur for 15 days all together it can be frustrating but I could see the progress every time i went. Try not to worry xx

Hey my collection is tomorrow morning and I’ve been pretty bloated .. I had two scans one day after the other ( Saturday and Sunday) and I think on Saturday day 6 they were pretty much where yours are and by Sunday they had grown to 14-15mm Mark so very steady growth you’d be be surprised ! I’ve got 8 on the left and 5/6 on the right and they did say the standard is 8-14 collection standard so you do sound like you are pretty okay .. I’d say don’t worry about it.. just live through it and it will be fine! 😊 fingers and everything crossed !! Xx

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Thank you so much, i have my second scan tomorrow! Goodluck for ec keep us updated x

Just came back from 8th day scan and i feel very sad, i have 3 follicles on my left ovary measuring 15mm 3 on my right measuring same and the others have not grown at all. Im worried i may not be responding as well as i thought I would and feel if dose is increased then there will be too many small follicles and wont contain a egg. 😔

Can i speak to my consultant and explain my worry? Should i leave it or is there anything i can do. I really dont feel any differently except emotional thats all.

What did they say at the scan? I think it’s good you’ve got a bunch that are the same or similar size - mine were very variable with some huge and some still tiny.

Have you got another scan booked? If you are worried, speak to your consultant to put your mind at rest - the last thing you need is to be stressing.

They didn’t really say much at the scan i just asked about follicle size etc and they told me. I was just feeling sad so i didnt and couldnt say anything. I will give them a call and see what they say, i hope it all goes well xxx

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